Friday, June 28, 2013

Wildcat Canyon Brush Fire Halted by Multi-Agency Response

Lakeside, CA -

On Friday June 28, 2013, at aproximately 1:45 p.m., Heartland Dispatch Center began receiving calls reporting a vegetation fire near Wildcat Canyon Road and Muth Valley Road.  Firefighters from Lakeside, Barona, Santee, and Cal Fire were dispatched to the area.

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Lakeside Division Chief 4103 (Laff) was first on scene and reported a vegetation fire on Muth Valley Road that was approximately 1/2 acre in size with a moderate rate of spread.  Barona Brush 27 was the first fire apparatus on scene and began a hose lay on the right flank of the fire.  Lakeside E3 arrived just behind Brush 27 and began a hose lay on the left flank of the fire.  Lakeside Brush 1, Santee Medic 4 and several engines from Cal Fire arrived to supplement the hose lays.

Cal Fire Crews Mark the Point of Origin
Crews Move down along the edge of the fire

The fire was held at just under a half of an acre due to the quick response and the fast actions of the firefighters.  This vegetation fire is another great example off how the mutual aid system in East County San Diego ensures the citizens always get the closest suppression units no matter where they live or what agency serves them.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.

The Burn was held to approximately 1/2 of an acre

Story By: Captain Bernie Molloy
Photos By:  Engineer Lance Buford

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