Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lakeside Firefighters Battle Early Morning Vehicle Fire

FF-PM Danny Leetch attacks the fire.

Lakeside, Ca -

 Early in the morning on Wednesday, August 28, 2013, at 3:30 a.m., firefighters from the Lakeside Fire District were dispatched to Highway 67 and Vigilante Road for a large vehicle fire.  Engine 2 from the River Park Fire Station was the first unit in the area and could see a large column of smoke as they passed Johnson Lake Road.  On arrival, Engine 2 found a fully involved 4-door sedan just off Highway 67 on Slaughter House Canyon Road.  Engine 2 was able to pull past the vehicle to the uphill side and spot on a hydrant close-by for a water source.  Firefighter/Paramedic Danny Leetch quickly pulled a hose line off of Engine 2 and knocked down the fire before it could spread to anything nearby.  With the assistance from Engine 1 (Riverview fire station), firefighters were able extinguish the fire and let CHP begin their investigation.  The cause and circumstances for this fire are still being looked into.

Photo By: Captain/Paramedic John Hisaw, Lakeside Fire District
Story By: Engineer/Paramedic Matthew Buzzell, District

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lakeside Firefighters Deploy to "Rim" Fire

Lakeside, CA -

Pursuant to a request for mutual aid through the California Office of Emergency Services (OES), Engine OES 305 has been deployed as part of a mixed-agency strike team (ST-6840A) to the "Rim" Fire on the Stanislaus National Forest near Yosemite National Park.

Engine OES 305 is a state-owned fire engine housed at Lakeside fire station 26 and staffed when requested by Lakeside firefighters. During the deployment, fire station 26 will be open and staffed with an additional crew.

The massive Rim Fire which started on August 17, has burned over 120,000 acres threatening several mountain communities. The fire is in unified command between the U.S. Forest Service and CalFire. A type I incident management team is running the incident which has over 2600 firefighters assigned and as of this morning (August 24), was only 5% contained.

Rim Fire perimeter, August 24, 2013

Post by: Captain Scott Culkin, Lakeside Fire

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vegetation Fire Threatens Structures in Lakeside


On Tuesday, August 20, 2013, at 2:14 p.m., the Heartland Communications Center began to receive emergency calls about a vegetation fire in the 12900 blk of Highway 8 Business. Initially dispatched were two brush engines, three structural engines, an ALS medic unit, and two duty chiefs.

Fire starting to make the uphill run from Highway 8 Business.
As firefighters were en-route, additional calls were received stating the fire was quickly growing in size. Responding units could see a building column of smoke so a request was made for additional engines and the helicopter out of Gillespie Field.

With the arrival of the first Lakeside duty chief (Tockstein) about a quarter acre had been consumed and the fire was making a hard push to the east. It soon became evident that this fire was likely to get much larger, and eventually threaten structures. A request was made for an immediate need brush strike team, and a strike team of structural engines.

In addition a request was made for the water tender out of Sycuan and the Lakeside Logistic Volunteers (4140).

The fire continued on an easterly path making a run towards Interstate 8 and the homes off of Amelia Drive. The decision was made to evacuate structures on Amelia Drive, so San Diego County Sheriff Deputies went door-to-door notifying the residents of the approaching fire.

Structural engines were sent to threatened structures on Amelia Drive and Cindy Lynn Lane. The fire bumped a number of structures but pre-positioned companies were able to quick knock down the flames. Some out-buildings received damage but no residential structures were lost. Much of the credit goes to the property owners, and CalTrans, who created defensible space between their homes and the fuels. Had the fuel been allowed to grow unchecked it's likely there would have been significant structural losses.

Fire heading towards structures on Amelia Drive.
Firefighters were also sent to Interstate 8. There was some concern that the fire could spot over the freeway and get established on the south side of the freeway.  Lakeside entered into Unified Command with CalFire (Howell) due to the threat to the State Responsibility Land.

With the arrival of San Diego County Copter 10 and 12, a number of precision drops slowed the forward progress towards the homes. Ground crews were able to eventually surround the fire and at 3:56 p.m. the fire was declared "contained." A CalFire bulldozer and hand crews cut line around the fire.

Two firefighters were transported to local hospitals with heat related injuries. The fire has held to 18 acres.

Note the defensible space.

Lakeside Fire was assisted by: CalFire, Heartland Fire-Rescue, Sycuan Fire, and Santee Fire. This is another example how automatic and mutual aid works to protect all citizens in San Diego County.

Submitted By: Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District
Photos By: Fire Chief Andy Parr, Lakeside Fire District
Video By: Bill Prorok

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Quick Multi-Agency Response Stops Fast Moving Brush Fire

Lakeside, CA -

A coordinated, multi-agency response from the ground and air held a fast-moving brush fire to 10 acres in Lakeside on Saturday, August 17, 2013. Heartland Communications received multiple calls for a fire in the vegetation just east of Greenfield Drive on the south side of Interstate 8 at 11:17 a.m. With a large column of smoke visible from a distance, Heartland Fire-Rescue Battalion 3 (Drum) requested additional resources including aircraft while enroute the fire.

Firefighters were deployed to hoselays on the north and south flanks of the fire and additional engines were committed to the Valley View Truck Trail behind the Vons/Walmart shopping center to stop the forward progress of the blaze as it crested the ridgeline. CalFire air tankers made several retardant drops to help slow the progress of the fire and allow ground forces to get a line around it. San Diego County Copters 10 and 12 made water drops to help ground crews extinguish the flames. Additional engines were assigned to defend structures in the area of Lotus Lane.

This incident involved resources from many agencies working together seamlessly within unified Incident Command. The following agencies participated in helping stop this dangerous fire: Lakeside Fire, CalFire, Heartland Fire-Rescue, Santee Fire, Barona Fire, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Fire.

Fire crests the ridge behind WalMart.
Firefighters on Division "D" mopping-up.
CalFire handcrew punches-in handline on Division "A."

CalFire Dozer 3342 ties his dozer line into Valley View Truck trail.

Post by: Captain Scott Culkin, Lakeside Fire
Photos by: Engineer Robert Williams, Firefighter Paramedic Kyle Zauss, Lakeside Fire

Lakeside Fire Working Vegetation Fire near Los Coches and Interstate 8


At approximately 11:17 on August 17, 2013 Lakeside Units along with Units from CalFire and Heartland Fire are in the process of working a vegetation fire in the area of Los Coches Rd. and Interstate 8.  The fire is located on the south side of the freeway and moving into the areas of La Cresta Rd.  Residents in the area should be aware that there will be a large number of fire suppression vehicles on the streets in this area.

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To listen to the radio traffic from the fire you can hear it here:

More updates will be posted as information becomes available.


The forward progress of the fire has been stopped.  There will be extensive mop up operations continuing for several hours.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Head-On Vehicle Collision Closes Wildcat Canyon Road

Wildcat Canyon Rd-

On Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 at 8:12 AM, the Heartland Communications Center received emergency calls about a head-on collision on Wildcat Canyon Road just below Stelzer County Park. Two engine companies, one rescue company, an ALS medic unit, and the Lakeside duty chief responded to the incident.

Debris field left from the collision.
On the arrival of Chief Tockstein he reported that the vehicles had traffic totally shut-down, and that the two vehicles were separated by about 100 feet. With the arrival of engine companies and medic units it was quickly determined that one patient would need care at the Sharp Memorial Trauma Center, while the other patient could go to Grossmont Hospital.

The crew from Engine 1 and Medic 3 work on one of the occupants.
A BLS ambulance was requested while Medic 3 quickly loaded the patient that met trauma center criteria. AMR responded an ambulance which transported the other patient to Grossmont.

The force of the collision completely removed the wheel and suspension from the drivers side.
As a result of the accident Wildcat Canyon Road was closed for an extended period while crews conducted EMS operations, and the vehicles could be removed from the roadway. CHP is currently investigating the incident.

Without a doubt this is another "airbag save." Had these vehicles not been equipped with advanced airbag systems this would have been a fatality accident.

A total of 9 Lakeside personnel responded to the incident. Lakeside was assisted by Santee Fire.

Units Dispatched: LKS-E1, LKS-E3, LKS-M3, SNT-R5, LKS-4105, AMR-BLS

Submitted By: Fire Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire Protection District

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Vegetation Fire Near HWY 67 and Mapleview St.


On the afternoon of Friday August 9, 2013 Lakeside firefighters were dispatched to reports of a vegetation fire between Hwy 67 and Vine Street.  Units from Lakeside Fire Station 2, Station 1, Station 3 and Santee Station 4 were dispatched under  medium wild land conditions and responded to the scene.

Lakeside Division Chief 4103 was the first to arrived at scene and reported a spot fire that was less than a quarter of an acre and spreading slowly in the grass.  Engine companies arrived quickly and began hose lays on the flanks of the fire (after cutting through some fencing), quickly extinguishing the fire.
The Fire was contained before it could damage any property
The fire was started in an area that had little chance for spreading to structures, but there were some trailers that could have been impacted by the fire had it not been extinguished quickly.  Fires in light "flashy" fuels, such as this dry grass field, have a tendency to burn quickly when any wind is present.  A combination of light winds and a quick response kept the fire from burning any of the property adjacent to the field.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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The fire being mopped up

WT 7251 pumping water to Engine 2

Photo by: Chief Andy Parr and Engineer Matt Buzzell
Story by: Captain Bernie Molloy

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Do You Think You Have What it Takes to Become a Paramedic in San Diego?

Southwestern College Paramedic Intern, Omar Asfar, is delivering a demonstration on the Zoll EKG monitor as part of his paramedic field evaluation time on Medic 3. Paramedic students like Omar are assigned to a paramedic ambulance for a minimum of 528 hours. During that time, the students are trained and evaluated on paramedic skills that they have developed in the classroom. In addition to the 528 hours on a paramedic ambulance they have to complete 860 hours of classroom time and 168 hours of clinical hospital time.
 Paramedic Intern Omar Asfar gives a presentation to the Lake Jennings Fire Station crew on the defibrillator.
While in the hospital, the student rotates through various departments, such as, the Emergency Room, Labor and Delivery, Pediatrics, and the Operating Room. In the hospital the students learn first hand skills from doctors, nurses and other specialists to help them become professionals in the field of Emergency Medicine. Lakeside Fire Protection District was one of the first paramedic providers in San Diego County and is proud to continue to participate in the training and evaluation of new paramedic students eager to provide public service to the community.

Currently Lakeside Fire has two interns. One is assigned to the Lake Jennings station, the other is at the River Park station.

Submitted By: Firefighter-Paramedic Jamie Hazlewood, Lakeside Fire Protection District

Firefighters Jump on "Anderson Hill" Vegetation Fire


On Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 at 2:37 PM, the Lakeside Fire Protection District received 911 calls about a vegetation fire in the 12300 block of Lakeside Avenue. The fire was established at the base of "Anderson Hill" on the south facing slope. One brush engine, two structural engines, a water tender, ALS medic unit, and two Lakeside staff officers were sent to the fire.

Fire burning uphill from Lakeside Ave.
On the arrival of fire units from the nearby River Park Fire Station they discovered a fire burning in light grassy fuels. Crews quickly surrounded the fire and control was established at 2:46 PM. The fire burned less than an acre.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. A total of 8 Lakeside personnel responded to the incident.

Submitted By: Fire Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire Protection District
Photo By: Fire Chief Andy Parr, Lakeside Fire Protection District

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Vehicle Accident on Lake Jennings Park Road Sends Two to Trauma Center

Lake Jennings Area-

On Sunday, August 4th, 2013 at 5:22 PM, the Lakeside Fire Protection District received 911 calls reference a vehicle collision on Lake Jennings Park Rd below the water treatment plant. A rescue company and an ALS medic unit were dispatched from the Lake Jennings Fire Station. While en-route an additional engine company from the River Park Fire Station was added to the response.

The crew from Rescue 3 and Medic 3 prepare a patient for immediate transport.

This amount of driver-side damage is typically a sign of severe intrusion into the occupants.
Arriving units discovered two vehicles with significant damage. One patient presented with severe injuries and was immediately transported to Sharp Memorial Trauma Center via Medic 3 (Lake Jennings Fire Station). An additional ALS medic unit was requested to transport a second patient. Medic 2, from the River Park fire station, responded and transported their victim to Sharp Memorial. None of the injuries appear to be life threatening.

A total of 10 Lakeside personnel responded to the incident. CHP is currently investigating this accident.

Submitted By: Fire Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire Protection District

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Fast Response Keeps Fire out of Lakeside

Poway, CA -

On Thursday, August 1, 2013, firefighters from Lakeside Fire Station 2 and Station 1 were dispatched to reports of a vegetation fire on Highway 67 near Iron Mountain Dr.  Lakeside units arrived on scene simultaneously with resources from Poway and CAL FIRE and found a fire that was under an acre and burning up the hillside.  The fire was located in Poway, but only a few hundred yards from the Lakeside Fire Protection District.

A view of the fire from Highway 67
Lakeside Engine 2 began a progressive hose lay up the side of the southern flank of this fire with crews from CAL FIRE 3398.  The vegetation was burning at a slow rate of spread as it climbed the hill so crews were able to catch the head of the fire before it grew much larger.

View 2013 Incident Map in a larger map

From this map you can see the Poway border (darker brown) and the unincorporated area of Lakeside (lighter brown).  Incidents like this show why the mutual aid system we work under is so beneficial.  This fire was suppressed before it burned into Lakeside; however, had resources not arrived on scene as quickly as they did, this fire could have had a much different outcome.  Resources responding to this fire included units from Poway Fire Department, CAL FIRE, Lakeside Fire Protection District, and Santee Fire Department.

A view back down towards Highway 67
The fire was on the west side of Highway 67, which was beneficial to firefighters because there were no structures on this side of the road that were immediately threatened.  As you can see from the photos, had the fire been on the other side of the highway there may have been homes that could have been impacted by the fire.  The fire was held to under an acre and no structures were lost.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Crews "mop up" the fire to make sure there are no hotspots left.

 Lakeside Engineer Vasquez using 3 engines to keep enough water going to the hoselay

Story by: Captain Bernie Molloy
Photos by: Chief Andy Parr and Captain Bernie Molloy