Friday, January 23, 2015

Lakeside Logistic Volunteers Group "Life Saving" Program

Lakeside, CA -

In 2011, the United States had 1,389,500 hostile fires resulting in 3,005 fatalities.  These fires resulted in a loss of $11.7 billion dollars.  Undoubtedly, many of these fire deaths could of been prevented by a properly operating smoke alarm.

Logistic Volunteer Marilyn Brown explains the program to Katheryn Miller, which includes the Vial of Life Program
The Lakeside Fire District's Logistical Volunteer Group (LVG), has been working in conjunction with the local Burn Institute, to provide a free smoke alarm to anyone over the age of 55 who owns their home. Since the inception of the program in 2013, the LVG's have installed 152 smoke alarms to the residents of Lakeside. This program includes installing new detectors, testing and providing batteries to existing smoke alarms.

Dick Bailey prepares the smoke alarm for installation
The finished product; a properly installed smoke alarm.
According to the Burn Institute, 75% of seniors who perish in fires did not have a working smoke alarm. The aim of this program is to diminish these horrific statistics.

Lakeside residents in need of a new smoke alarm, or have questions about an existing smoke alarm, can contact the Lakeside Fire District Administration Office, (Monday - Thursday 7am to 4pm), at 619-390-2350.

Marilyn Brown, Logistic Volunteer Group

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Morning Fire Destroys Mobile Home

 Lakeside, CA -

On the morning of January 10, 2015, Lakeside Firefighters were dispatched to a structure fire at Gray Buckner’s Mobile Lodge on Woodside Avenue. The response included 4 structural fire engines, 1 truck company, 1 ambulance staffed with firefighter/paramedics, and a chief officer.
Engine 1 was on scene in under four minutes.

Engine 1 (Riverview Station) arrived to find the mobile home fully involved. After establishing a lengthy supply line from the nearest fire hydrant, crews attacked the fire with hand lines and were able to bring it under control in about 20 minutes. Overhaul of the fire was put on hold while deputies from the SDSO Bomb/Arson unit conducted an investigation of the origin and cause.
Captain Wes Barnes performs an assessment as the attack line is stretched.

Lakeside units were assisted by the Santee Fire Department, the San Miguel Fire Protection District and members of our very own Logistics Volunteer Group. In addition, volunteers from the Red Cross responded to provide the displaced occupant with temporary housing and basic necessities. Fortunately, no one was injured.

FF-PM Chris Williams protects the "D-side" exposure.

FF-PM Chris Williams gets a quick knock-down.

Supply line was laid from a hydrant several hundred feet away.

Story by Chief Jim Kirkpatrick
Photos by Captain John Hisaw

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Heartland Fire Fighters Celebrate the Life of Mike Stovall

San Elijo State Beach-

Mike Stovall often found solace in the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Drawn to the beach since childhood Mike would often come to the beach to decompress from the stress that slowly accumulates after years in the fire service. Mike, and wife Patsy, would often come to the San Elijo State Beach to enjoy the tranquility of the cliff side camping. Over time Mike had established that there was a single space in the campground that was his favorite. Every year they returned to the same location, thus it was appropriate that fire fighters from all over Heartland returned to give Mike his final send off from a spot that he loved so much.

Fire fighters move from the ceremony site to the beach.
As with the tradition of the fire service the day began with everyone telling stories about the career of Mike Stovall. More times than not these stories are often about humorous episodes that he would have prefer were forgotten with time. But true to the spirit within the fire service family these stories are often recalled in perfect accuracy.

The "Ocean Honor Guard" before taking to the water. These are firefighters from Heartland.
On January 7th fire fighters from agencies throughout Heartland showed up to see that Brother Mike was sent off with nothing but the love for a fallen friend. Many of the fire fighters that participated have long since retired from the service, but these were the crews that served at Mike's side. See Mike was lucky enough to have served during a time when fire fighters in Heartland were a close knit family. Sure we had different shoulder patches and badges, but peal that away we were Heartland.

We fought each others fires, we collectively reached out when a brother or sister had fallen, we knew each others families, and celebrated additions to the family. When one was fighting for their life we all shaved our heads and quietly prayed for our family member. This was the Heartland Mike knew .

We love ya Mike
Mike would have reveled to see all his family gather to take him home. He would have been the center of attention with his huge personality, but most of all he would loved that this group carried his memory out to sea.

Submitted By: Mark Grow, Social Media Contributor

Friday, January 2, 2015

Two Alarm Fire in Lakeside Brings a Multi-Agency Response

Lakeside, CA,

On Friday, January 2, 2015, at 10:52 a.m., the Lakeside Fire District received a report of a residential structure fire in the 9100 block of Single Oak Drive. The initial alarm sent four structural engines, one truck company, an ALS medic unit, and a chief officer to the fire.

Responding firefighters quickly knew they had a working fire as a black column of smoke could be seen in the area. With the arrival of Engine One (Riverview Station), they discovered a well established fire in an attached garage area with what appeared to be extension into the attic of the home. Firefighters entered the home to attack the fire and cut off the extension of the fire into the home.

While there was heavy damage to the garage area, crews were able to save the residential portion of the home.
Crews were met with heavy fire conditions as crews took action to get control of the fire. Some crew members were sent to the roof while others worked from the interior to cut off the fire's progress. A second alarm was requested by the incident commander (Lakeside Division Chief Tockstein) as all hands from the first alarm were committed.

With a sustained effort from firefighters from multiple agencies the mid-morning fire was brought under control.

Assisting Lakeside were crews from Santee, San Miguel Fire District, Barona, and Heartland Fire & Rescue.

Crews remained on scene late into the afternoon checking for hot spots.

Submitted By: Mark Grow, Social Media Contributor