Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lakeside Fire Welcomes Cub Scout Troop 387

Lake Jennings-

The crew from Lakeside Fire Station #3 got to spend the evening with Cub Scout Troop 387 (Lakeside). This is great opportunities to deliver a safety message covering topics from fire safety to the use of the 911 system. As always, the Scouts had some really great questions about the daily job of the firefighters. During their visit they got to see the equipment on Engine and Rescue 3, look over the specialized medical gear on Medic 3, and tour the fire station.

It was great time.......come back soon!

Firefighter-Paramedic Justin Loffredo discusses the equipment used by paramedics.
Firefighter-Paramedic Chris Williams shows the troop the unique tool on Rescue 3.
The kids get an introduction to the hydraulic rescue tools used in vehicle extrications.
Captain Mark Grow demonstrates the safety gear used in structural firefighting.
Firefighter-Paramedic Eric Stamm has a safety discussion with the group.
Lakeside Cub Scout Troop 387

Submitted By: Fire Captain Mark Grow
Photos By: Fire Engineer Steve Schleif

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Way to Go Lakeside....!

Lakeside, CA -

On the morning of October 25, 2011,  Lakeside Firefighters hit the streets selling the Kid's NewsDay newspaper in support of patients and families at the Rady Children's Hospital. Crews went to three different locations in Lakeside, Glenview, and the Lake Jennings area. This year's event was coordinated by Fire Engineer Chris Downing

Lakeside Firefighters Rich Smith, Josh Raczka, and Chris Williams at the intersection of Los Coches Rd and Highway 8 Business.
The crews were given until 9:30 a.m. to sell their allotment of newspapers but given the fantastic response by the community, most crews were out of papers by 8:30am.

Rich Smith makes it hard to say NO.
In many cases, people only wanted to contribute to the cause and refused the paper (to be sold later). Others contributed more than the $1 price of the paper. In the end, Lakeside Firefighters delivered $3249 to benefit Rady Children's Hospital!

Firefighter-Paramedic Jose Corona

Nobody is safe from the sales pitch.
The community has always responded to this fundraiser, making the job easy for us. Thanks for the support Lakeside....way to go!

Monday, October 24, 2011

After the Fire: Do You Know Who You're Dealing With?

In the aftermath of a structure fire the occupants are commonly approached by a number of "private contractors" who make claims that they are responding to the fire at the request of the "Fire Department" to start restoration services.This is a complete fabrication....! The Lakeside Fire Protection District has NO notification process for these services, nor do we maintain a relationship with any company for purposes of "fire restoration."

As always, the Lakeside Fire Protection District recommends that you contact your fire insurance company and follow their directions prior to signing, or making any type of agreement for these services.

Submitted By: Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire Protection District

Friday, October 21, 2011

Trash Truck Fire Creates a Big Mess for Lakeside Firefighters

Foster - On October 20, 2011, Lakeside firefighters responded to the area of Highway 67 and Vigilante Road for a reported "Large Vehicle Fire." Lakeside Battalion 1 (Barnes) arrived and discovered a full-sized semi tractor trailer rig with smoke showing from the cargo area. The driver was found in a safe location and confirmed the load as regular household waste (trash). On the arrival of Lakeside Engines 2 and 3, firefighters laddered the trailer and confirmed a deep-seated fire in the trash load.

Past experience with these types of fires dictated that the load be dumped out and the fire accessed from the ground. A representative from nearby Daily Disposal offered-up his yard for the load to be dumped in. Once on the ground, the trash fire was quickly extinguished.

Thanks to Daily Disposal for the use of their yard, bobcat and water tender. It was a great help in taking care of this fire.
Lakeside firefighters assess the situation.
A ground ladder helps firefighters make access.
A couple of "locals" offer to help out!

Story and Photos Submitted by: Acting Battalion Chief Wesley Barnes, Lakeside Fire District.

Lakeside Firefighters Respond to Truck Accident on Wildcat Canyon Road

Wildcat Canyon - On the morning of October 19, 2011, Heartland Fire Communications dispatched Lakeside and Barona firefighters for a reported large delivery truck that had rolled-over on Wildcat Canyon road near Stelzer Park. Lakeside Battalion 1 (Tockstein) was first on-scene assuming "Wildcat IC" and reporting a 2-ton delivery truck that had left the roadway on the west-side of Wildcat Canyon Road and had rolled onto its side. The vehicle sustained major damage and a heavy tow truck was requested. Firefighters arriving on scene encountered the driver who had self-extricated from the wreckage. Lakeside firefighter/paramedics treated the single patient and transported him to Sharp Memorial trauma center in San Diego.

It was subsequently discovered that the truck's fuel tank was leaking diesel fuel. A HazMat response was requested and San Diego County HazMat, San Diego County Roads, and a private cleanup firm eventually responded. It took nearly three-hours to mitigate this incident with the truck finally being pulled-off the embankment by the tow company. Traffic on Wildcat Canyon Road was backed up for miles due to the need for a lane closure.

This incident is a great example of how the fire service uses the Incident Command System to manage numerous numbers and types of resources from several different agencies in order to successfully mitigate a complex incident.

Responding resources included: E1, R3, M1, B1 (Lakeside); E27, B8 (Barona); San Diego County HazMat and Roads; Private tow and cleanup companies; CHP.

Delivery truck sustained major damage.
Lakeside Firefighters Nate Fox and Ian Lowe Work on the damaged truck.

Story and Photos submitted by: Captain Wesley Barnes, Lakeside Fire District.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lakeside Firefighters are "Passionately Pink for the Cure"

Lakeside, Ca. - This October, you may notice that the Lakeside firefighter's uniform t-shirt looks a little different. In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Lakeside Firefighters have gone "Passionately Pink for the Cure." This nationwide fundraising effort is coordinated between affiliates of the International Association of Fire Fighters and Susan G. Komen for the Cure ®. A portion of the price for each shirt sold to firefighters is donated to this important cause. Lakeside firefighters will be wearing the shirts on-duty throughout the month of October.
Lakeside firefighters are "Passionately Pink for the Cure."
Story and Photo Submitted by: Captain Scott Culkin, Lakeside Fire District

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Multi-Agency Response Holds Vegetation Fire to Half Acre


On Thursday, October 13th, 2011 at 7:50am, the Heartland Communications Center started to receive multiple calls about a vegetation fire in the area of Highway 8 Business and Aurora Drive. The initial response included engines from Lakeside, El Cajon, and CalFire.

Firefighters from Lakeside and CalFire stop forward fire spread on Division Zulu.
On the arrival of Battalion 1 (Laff) a "large spot" of heavy vegetation was burning up slope through an open field that lies between the interstate and Highway 8 Business. Additional brush engines and aerial support was requested. This sent additional equipment from Lakeside, San Miguel Fire Districts, and Copter 10 and 12.

Initially progress was slow due to steep terrain, but crews later used ladders to access the fire area. Although weather conditions were ideal for a fire, the lack of winds kept the fire spread to a minimum. Eventually crews were able to stop forward progress at a half acre. Crews were then tasked with cutting a fire control line around the perimeter.

Witnesses were able to identify a suspect in connection with the fire. Sheriff deputies arrested the suspect near the scene.

Dispatched Lakeside units: E3 (Lake Jennings), BR26 (Blossom Valley), B1, BR2 (Eucalyptus Hills), 4103, El Cajon units: E8 (Madison Ave), CalFire units: 3382 (Flinn Springs), San Miguel units: BR23 (Dehesa Rd).

Submitted By: Fire Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District

What are Divisions?
Divisions are geographical segments of a vegetation fire. Breaking the fire down into these smaller segments makes managing the fire more effective as the Incident Commander only needs to communicate with a limited number of managers. As the fire grows in size additional Divisions can be assigned.

Typically when an initial commander pulls up to the fire the left flank is known as Alpha, while the right flank is called Zulu.... 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lakeside Firefighters Visit

Firefighter McKenna demonstrating  the sound of a smoke detector.
Firefighters from Station 3 (Lake Jennings Fire Station) paid a visit to Rios Elementary School today to speak to the children about fire safety. The students from Mrs. Hanna, Mrs Olenick, Mrs Mckimmie and Mrs Otte's classes paid close attention as Firefighter Shawn McKenna talked to them about how to stay safe.

Stop! Drop! and Roll!
Many fire departments regularly participate in public education events for children like this one especially during the month of October which has "Fire Prevention Week".  Today the youngsters learned important lessons about smoke detectors, home evacuation, 911, stop-drop-and-roll, what to do with matches and identifying firefighters as friends even when they look scary dressed in full protective equipment.

Eng. Downing is not so scary when you know he's your friend.
 All eyes were wide with enthusiasm while they looked at fire Engine 3, Medic 3 and all of the equipment carried on each unit. Not only do our firefighters love to visit schools because we like to show off our equipment, we also acknowledge the importance of early exposure to fire safety education.

Children file by Medic-3 and Engine-3
Take this Fire Prevention Week quiz to test your fire safety knowledge.

Submitted by: Chuck Palmore, Lakeside Fire Captain

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lakeside Fire Sends Units to Battle "Great Fire"


The Lakeside Fire District has sent three engine companies to the "Great Fire" currently burning in the back country east of the town of Julian.

On October 1st: Lakeside sent Brush 2 (Eucalyptus Hills Station) and Brush 26 (Blossom Valley Station) to the fire as part of a strike team (6440C) from the Central Zone (Heartland). These units initially found themselves in Chariot Canyon with the task of holding the fire east of Julian. This strike team is still currently assigned to the fire.

A photo received this morning from Engine 3 in the Julian area. Fire is very active today. Photo by Engineer Rich Smith.
October 2nd Update: The "Great Fire" was active all night, growing from an estimated 900 acres, to over 1500 acres. At 5am this morning Engine 3 (Lake Jennings Fire Station) was dispatched to the Julian area for structural protection as part of strike team 6441A. Currently Engine 3 is holding structural protection on the eastern edge of Julian. The strike team is being led by Lakeside Battalion Chief Ron Laff.

Smoke from the Great Fire rises above the mountains east of Lakeside.
Fire map as of day shift on 10/2
 October 3rd Update: Both strike teams remain committed to the Great Fire as of this morning. Engine 3 (S/T 6441A) spent the majority of yesterday providing structural protection in the desert near Scissors Crossing. They will continue to provide structural protection today.

Brush 2 and Brush 26 are still assigned to the incident as part of strike team 6440C. After putting in a large hose lay (in extreme terrain) on the first day of the fire, crews will continue with containment efforts.

As of this evening both strike teams have been released and are returning to Heartland.

Pictures from the Strike Team

Smoke from the Great Fire rises above the fire camp in Julian

Looking down the Banner Grade, smoke rises off the top of Granite Mountain
The crew from Engine 3 was stationed in Scissors Crossing on structural protection
Crew evaluates the structures in their area of responsibility.
The members of Heartland Strike Team 6441A
Total of 11 Lakeside personnel are committed to this incident.

Informational Note: The strike team number indicated the geographical location the strike team originated from. Those ending in an "A" indicate structural engines. Those with a "C" ending indicate brush engines. A strike team is five engines with a leader.