Friday, October 21, 2011

Trash Truck Fire Creates a Big Mess for Lakeside Firefighters

Foster - On October 20, 2011, Lakeside firefighters responded to the area of Highway 67 and Vigilante Road for a reported "Large Vehicle Fire." Lakeside Battalion 1 (Barnes) arrived and discovered a full-sized semi tractor trailer rig with smoke showing from the cargo area. The driver was found in a safe location and confirmed the load as regular household waste (trash). On the arrival of Lakeside Engines 2 and 3, firefighters laddered the trailer and confirmed a deep-seated fire in the trash load.

Past experience with these types of fires dictated that the load be dumped out and the fire accessed from the ground. A representative from nearby Daily Disposal offered-up his yard for the load to be dumped in. Once on the ground, the trash fire was quickly extinguished.

Thanks to Daily Disposal for the use of their yard, bobcat and water tender. It was a great help in taking care of this fire.
Lakeside firefighters assess the situation.
A ground ladder helps firefighters make access.
A couple of "locals" offer to help out!

Story and Photos Submitted by: Acting Battalion Chief Wesley Barnes, Lakeside Fire District.

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