Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lakeside Fire Sends Units to Battle "Great Fire"


The Lakeside Fire District has sent three engine companies to the "Great Fire" currently burning in the back country east of the town of Julian.

On October 1st: Lakeside sent Brush 2 (Eucalyptus Hills Station) and Brush 26 (Blossom Valley Station) to the fire as part of a strike team (6440C) from the Central Zone (Heartland). These units initially found themselves in Chariot Canyon with the task of holding the fire east of Julian. This strike team is still currently assigned to the fire.

A photo received this morning from Engine 3 in the Julian area. Fire is very active today. Photo by Engineer Rich Smith.
October 2nd Update: The "Great Fire" was active all night, growing from an estimated 900 acres, to over 1500 acres. At 5am this morning Engine 3 (Lake Jennings Fire Station) was dispatched to the Julian area for structural protection as part of strike team 6441A. Currently Engine 3 is holding structural protection on the eastern edge of Julian. The strike team is being led by Lakeside Battalion Chief Ron Laff.

Smoke from the Great Fire rises above the mountains east of Lakeside.
Fire map as of day shift on 10/2
 October 3rd Update: Both strike teams remain committed to the Great Fire as of this morning. Engine 3 (S/T 6441A) spent the majority of yesterday providing structural protection in the desert near Scissors Crossing. They will continue to provide structural protection today.

Brush 2 and Brush 26 are still assigned to the incident as part of strike team 6440C. After putting in a large hose lay (in extreme terrain) on the first day of the fire, crews will continue with containment efforts.

As of this evening both strike teams have been released and are returning to Heartland.

Pictures from the Strike Team

Smoke from the Great Fire rises above the fire camp in Julian

Looking down the Banner Grade, smoke rises off the top of Granite Mountain
The crew from Engine 3 was stationed in Scissors Crossing on structural protection
Crew evaluates the structures in their area of responsibility.
The members of Heartland Strike Team 6441A
Total of 11 Lakeside personnel are committed to this incident.

Informational Note: The strike team number indicated the geographical location the strike team originated from. Those ending in an "A" indicate structural engines. Those with a "C" ending indicate brush engines. A strike team is five engines with a leader.

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