Friday, October 1, 2010

Engine 3 Goes Back to School

Rios Elementary School: With the start of Safety Week at Rios Canyon Elementary School, the crew from Lakeside's Lake Jennings fire station (fs3) got a special invitation to come talk with the preschool and kindergarten classes about fire safety. During our time at Rios, Fire Engineer Rich Smith had the opportunity to talk about "Stop Drop and Roll", "Stranger Danger", proper use of 911, and "Crawl Low Under the Smoke".

The very attentive preschoolers, and kindergarten kids at Rios.

Fire Engineer Rich Smith discusses "Stranger Danger" with the kids.
 To finish off the presentation, Firefighter-Paramedic Josh Raczka demonstrated the equipment firefighters use to enter burning buildings. We try to teach kids not to be scared of the noises the breathing apparatus makes and to call out to us, but more important "don't hide"...!

Kids have the opportunity to see (and hear) a firefighter in their protective gear.
 The kids also had the opportunity to tour the fire engine and ask questions. When dealing with this age group, you had better come with your "A" game because they are going to have some great questions.

Firefighter-Paramedic Josh Raczka discusses why fire engines have so much equipment.

Fire Engineer Rich Smith shows the kids how we carry hose up hills on wildland fires.
We would like to thank the kids from Ms. Hanna, McKimmey, and Olenick's class for their attention and great questions.

Submitted by: Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District.

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