Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Auto vs. Ped in Lakeside

Lakeside: On Wednesday, December 23rd at 5:22 PM, one company, a Battalion Chief, and ALS ambulance were dispatched to a pedestrian vs. vehicle at the intersection of Lemoncrest Drive and Winter Gardens Blvd. Units from Lakeside Station #1 found a 13 year old juvenile that had been struck by a car in the intersection. Crews rapidly assessed the patient and determined that her injuries were potentially serious. As paramedics initiated treatment the decision was made to fly the patient via aero-medical to Children's Hospital in Kearny Mesa.

The child had suffered multiple head injuries and was complaining of abdominal pain. Mercy Air 6 was dispatched from Gillespie Field to a nearby landing zone. A company from the Santee Fire Department was dispatched to the landing zone to coordinate the arrival of the helicopter.

The California Highway Patrol is currently investigating the incident.

Submitted: Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Barn Fire in the Lake Jennings Area

Lake Jennings: On Sunday, December 20th at 9:36 AM, 6 companies, a Battalion Chief and ALS ambulance were dispatched to a detached barn fire at 9500 Vista Hills Pl, in the Lake Jennings area of Lakeside. Responding units could see a significant column of smoke in the area. On arrival of the first engine company they found a well involved barn behind the residence.Captain Dalldorf initially took command but it was subsequently transferred to Battalion Chief Larkin.

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Crews were advised that there was the potential that livestock type animals may still be in the structure.Crews stretched attack lines to the backyard, where unfortunately, a number of animals had perished. Crews completed control and overhaul of the fire.

Cause of the fire is under investigation. Units from Lakeside, El Cajon and CALFIRE responded to the incident.

Submitted: Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lakeside Breaks Simultaneous Structure Fires

Lakeside: On Monday, December 14th, Lakeside and Santee Fire units were dispatched to a residential structure fire at 12122 Lakeside Ave. On the arrival of E1 they reported a two story residential structure with smoke showing from the second floor. Battalion Chief Laff arrived on-scene and assumed command of the incident. Crews were able to make a quick knockdown and isolate the fire to a bedroom.

No civilian or fire service injuries were reported at this incident. Fire is currently under investigation by the Lakeside Fire Protection District. Initial loss is being estimated at $20,000.

While units were completing operations at the Lakeside Ave fire the Heartland Communications Center received calls about another fire at 14646 El Monte Rd. Units clearing from the Lakeside Ave fire were quickly re-assigned to the new fire. An additional Lakeside engine from the Flinn Springs area, and an engine from the El Cajon Fire Department were added to the response.

On the arrival of E4 and M3 they found a single family dwelling with heavy smoke showing. A fire was located in the attic of the dwelling that had spread to the exterior of the building. Crews were able to quickly search the dwelling and determined that all occupants were out of the building. Crews isolated the fire to the attic of the dwelling.

Command was assumed by Battalion 1 (Laff) and Battalion 2 (Miller) assumed operations.

Units from Lakeside, Santee, El Cajon, and CALFIRE responded to this new fire. An engine from the Bonita and National City Fire Agencies covered the Lakeside area while companies were committed.

No civilian or fire service injuries were reported at this incident. Cause of the fire is currently under investigation. Loss at this fire was also set at approximately $20,000.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Early Detection Prevents Damaging Fire

Story By: Bernie Molloy, Firefighter-Paramedic, Lakeside Fire District

Lakeside: On Sunday, December 13th at 10:17 PM, employees at the Taco Bell at 13418 Camino Canada smelled a light odor of smoke all night but could not find it.   Later in the evening they noticed the exterior Taco Bell sign was putting out steady smoke and called 911.  B1, E3 and M3 arrived on scene and found there was steady smoke coming from the exterior sign as well as a very light odor of smoke in the restaurant.

photo 3
Lakeside Firefighters Investigating Smoke from the Sign

The odor of smoke was addressed with horizontal positive pressure ventilation.  When the building was laddered we found that there was deep charring surrounding the conduit feeding power to the light in the "T" of the Taco Bell sign, each letter had it's own power supply. There was no access to the rear of the sign from the drop ceiling in the restaurant so we had to make a small inspection hole through the exterior of the building to check for extension, of which there ended up being none.  We were able to dig out the charred wood with an axe and gave it a foam and water treatment with a PW extinguisher.  If nothing else we familiarized ourselves with what the internals of abuilding of this construction type look like, and were able to get
fresh foam in our PW.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crash on Slaughterhouse Grade

On Saturday, December 12th at 7:45 AM, 3 companies, 1 ALS Ambulance, and a Battalion Chief from the Lakeside Fire District responded to the area of Slaughterhouse Canyon and State Highway 67 for a reported vehicle over the side.

On arrival crews met with a witness that was able to pinpoint the location where the vehicle had departed the roadway. At the time of the accident the area had received a recent rain event that had left the roadway wet.

Vehicle lies in a drainage off Highway 67

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jacuzzi Fire Extends into Dwelling in Lakeside

On Thursday, December 10th at 11:28 PM, the Heartland Communications Center received calls of a structure fire at 13347 Lakeshore Drive in the community of Lakeside. Five companies from the Lakeside and Santee Fire Agencies responded to the incident. In addition an ALS ambulance and Battalion Chief responded to the call.

On the arrival of Engine 1 they discovered a large outbuilding fully engulfed that had extended to the exterior of the main house and into a detached garage. Hose lines were pulled to keep the fire from extending into the interior of the home but there were concerns that the fire may have already established itself in the attic of the home. Command was assumed by Battalion Chief Ron Laff and a request for a truck company was made. Crews accessed the attic and were able to determine that no fire had entered the home. Operations were established to minimize smoke damage to the home.

Controlling the fire was extremely difficult as the occupants had been storing common combustibles next to the jacuzzi. So intense was the fire at one point, that it fractured all the windows on one side of the home potentially allowing the fire to spread to the interior. A combination of early fire detection by the property owner, and aggressive fire attack, prevented this from occurring.

The fire is currently under investigation by the Lakeside Fire Protection District. There were no civilian or fire service injuries. A dollar loss has not been determined.

Story by Mark Grow
Lakeside Fire Protection District.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mobile Home Fire in Lakeside

Lakeside Farms: On the morning of December 2nd, at 0639 hours, the Heartland Communications Center received calls of a working mobile home fire at the Willowbrook Mobile Estates located at 11949 Riverside Dr. Four engine companies, one truck, a rescue and medic unit, and two Chief Officers were dispatched from the Lakeside Fire DistrictSantee Fire Department, and CAL FIRE. Arriving units found a fully involved coach with exposures on both side of the unit.

Crews initial priorities were to locate the occupants and to confine the fire to the building of origin. Fire Chief Mark Baker took initial command of the fire which was later passed to Battalion Chief Ron Laff.

Crews managed to hold the fire to the single coach, but the effort required the deployment of multiple hose stream. Because of the collective response from so many agencies damage was considered low given the intensity of the fire in close proximity to other dwellings.