Thursday, July 30, 2015

Strike Team Mobilized for Willow Fire

Lakeside, CA -

Around 0100 last night Strike Team 6440C,  with Heartland resources including Lakeside Brush 1, was mobilized to aid in the fire attack on the Willow Fire (Sierra National Forest) located near Bass Lake and northeast of North Fork, California. The fire started July 25th and has affected 3,383 acres and is currently 30% contained. A total of 1,545 personnel are on the fire lines. Weather forecast today is for dry thunderstorms and possible monsoonal moisture Friday and Saturday. Personnel from Station 1 and assigned to Brush Rig 1 are Captain Ian Lowe, Engineer Shawn McKenna and Firefighter/Paramedic Brandon Battaglia. Captain John Hisaw is also assigned as a Strike Team trainee.

Post by M. Brown, LVG

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lakeside Fire Joins Attack on Cutca Wildfire

Lakeside, CA -

In the early morning of July 25, 2015, Water Tender 7251, out of Station 2, was called up to be a part of a multi-agency attack on the wildfire in the Cleveland National Forest. The Cutca fire began at 4:00 pm on Friday, July 24. The fire is located in a steep and inaccessible terrain east of Cutca Valley and south of Long Canyon, two (2) miles north of the Palomar Observatory. No structures have been threatened.  This area has no history of fire activity. The fire is currently 50% contained and crews are mopping up.

Water Tender 7251 was released last night as the fire started to wind down.

Monday, July 27, 2015

How is your defensible space?

Lakeside, CA -

While we enjoyed the recent rains, the impact of a four year drought is still with us. Historically, our fire season is in the months of September, October and November. Maintaining defensible space is a year long effort during this potential dangerous drought. Now is the time to take a look around your property to ensure you have protected your home. Removing dry leaves from the yard, roof and gutters helps to decrease the chance of flying embers igniting your home. There are many other tips found in the above flyer. Remember, if there is a fire, firefighters can safely access the perimeter of your home and defend the property. Make sure you have a wildfire evacuation plan that includes a family communication plan. Additional tips on developing a plan can be found at Ready For Wildfire Website.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Strike Team Dispatched to North Fire

Lakeside, CA -

BR-1 along with crews from Heartland Fire and Barona Fire have been sent to the North Fire (off 1-15) where the fire has burned 3,500 acres and is currently 5% contained.  Good luck to all personnel involved and stay safe!

For information on the fire, click here.

Update 7/19/15:

North Fire is now 60% contained and evacuations have been lifted. Strike Team is being demobilized and heading home.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Fourth of July Reminder

Lakeside, Calif. -

The Lakeside Fire Protection District would like to remind everyone that all consumer fireworks are illegal in San Diego County. 

In 2011, fireworks caused an estimated 17,800 reported fires, including 1,200 total structure fires, 400 vehicle fires, and 16,300 outside and other fires. These fires resulted in an estimated 40 civilian injuries and $32 million in direct property damage. Our extremely dry conditions mean that even one small spark can start a brush fire, destroying homes, and, most importantly, lives.

To see a list of where to go in San Diego to watch commercial fireworks, click here.

Remember to have a fun and safe Fourth of July!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Women's Club of Lakeside Welcomes Search Dog

Lakeside, Calif.-

The Women's Club of Lakeside held their monthly meeting on Thursday, June 25, 2015, and invited Engineer Rich Smith from Station 3 to give an overview of Lakeside Fire Protection District's search dog program.  The Women's Club has chosen the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (NDSDF) for a fundraising event in September.  Bella, a purebred Labrador retriever, is a member of Lakeside Fire and a part of the NDSDF.  Her handler, Engineer Smith, gave an excellent presentation of the program and the path of becoming a handler.

Engineer Rich Smith

The NDSDF was formed after the bombing in Oklahoma City. A need was identified by the founder, also a K9 handler, to have more canine search teams, not only for violent attacks but also for natural disasters. The first training facility was at Sundowners Kennels in Gilroy, CA.  How are the dogs chosen?  Each week throughout the country, teams go to nearby animal shelters and test which dogs might have the propensity for focused attention, obedience to commands and a "high drive."  Generally, these dogs are from the retriever family, whether pure bred or mixed breed.  Most of the time the dogs are days from being euthanized.  After being rescued from the animal shelter, the dog is vet checked, hips x-rayed, and sometimes sent to a "surrogate" family to learn basic obedience for a short period, until they can be delivered to the newly constructed, multi-million dollar National Training Center (NTC) in Ojai, CA to start the formal NDSDF program, which takes approximately 8-12 months. To fully train a dog the cost is approximately $100,000. When the dog completes the training, handlers are invited to the NTC to be matched to a dog by the trainers. The dog then continues to train with their handler and the goal is to become FEMA certified within the following year.  Every three (3) years, the search team has to be recertified.  In San Diego, attached to USAR California Task Force 8, there are only five (5) FEMA certified dogs, and are assigned to fire departments in San Diego County.   Each month, the handlers meet in various locations to practice honing the dog's skills by finding people in simulated natural disasters.  While Bella is not a family pet, she receives much attention (and love) by fellow firefighters at Station 3.

Bella and Engineer Smith will be demonstrating search skills during our Open House at Station 3 in October. 

Engineer Smith, Bella, and Barbara Whitlock of the 
Women's Club of Lakeside

For more information on the Women's Club of Lakeside fundraising event, click here.

Story and Photos by M. Brown, Lakeside LVG

Monday, June 15, 2015

Vehicle Extrication Training

Lakeside, CA

Recently all Lakeside firefighters were able to participate in a valuable training exercise involving the latest techniques used to extricate patients from damaged vehicles.
Captain Eric Stamm leads this training exercise

The Lakeside Fire Protection District would like to thank Horn’s Auto ( for the donation of 6 vehicles to perform vehicle extrication training.  Each division had 2 vehicles to practice different vehicle extrication techniques.  
Captain Rick Dalldorf  looks on as Firefighter Chad Murray uses a hydraulic ram

The firefighters were able to practice various vehicle extrication techniques in a systematic manner.  During a vehicle accident it is extremely important to extricate and transport the patients to the trauma center within 1 hour.  
Engineer Nate Fox cuts the "A" post as Captain Jon Jordan acts as safety officer

This training allowed the veteran firefighters to review their skills and to pass their knowledge down to our newest firefighters in the department.
Hydraulic cutters are used here to make a relief cut

Story and photos by Fire Captain Eric Stamm

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lakeside Fire Wins 2015 Firefighter Demolition Derby

Lakeside, Calif. -

After being stuck on a berm, a tie rod breaking, replacing the radiator, changing out a few tires, and cutting the trunk so our driver could see, the Lakeside Fire Pit Crew patched up the 1974 Cadillac Coupe de Ville for the final heat. FF/PM Patrick Sellers beat out ten cars to win the 2015 Firefighter Demolition Derby at the San Diego County Fair on Saturday, June 6, 2015.

Congratulations to FF/PM Sellers and all of the contestants who participated in support of the Burn Institute.

1974 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

After the big win!

Story by M. Brown, Lakeside LVG
Photos by Arianna Lopez