Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lakeside Firefighters Visit the Boy's & Girl's Club

Lakeside, Calif. -

Firefighters from Lakeside's Lake Jennings Fire Station (fs3) paid a visit to the Lakeside Boy's & Girl's Club on May 7, 2015, to give a talk to 30 great kids about fire, pool, and bicycle safety. Firefighter-Paramedic Brian Moore spoke about the need to have a designated "Water Watcher" any time kids are in the pool. He also discussed the importance of helmets when riding bikes, scooters, and skateboards.

Captain Wes Barnes spoke about the 911 system, the importance of having working smoke detectors on every level of the home, and why it is necessary to have and practice a home escape plan before a fire in the home.

A part of the visit that the kids particularly enjoyed was a look at the equipment carried on the fire engine and paramedic ambulance. One of the children was "hooked-up" to the cardiac (ECG) monitor and was able to witness how the paramedics "see" a patient's heart function.

Before the visit ended, Lakeside Firefighter-Paramedic Chad Murray donned all of his Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) to demonstrate what firefighters must wear to protect themselves from the heat and smoke of a fire.

Lakeside firefighters do many public safety events like this every year to help keep our community and our citizens safe.

FF-PM Chad Murray shows the kids his "PPE."
FF-PM Brian Moore discusses pool and bike safety.
Post and photos by: Captain Wes Barnes, Lakeside Fire District

Monday, May 4, 2015

Semi-Truck and Trailer Ignite on I-8

Fire guts tractor truck and trailer

 On Wednesday, April 29th Lakeside Firefighters responded to a fire involving a fully inflamed semi-truck that was loaded with 44,000 pounds of pork meat. The fire began in the afternoon on west bound Interstate 8 near the Lake Jennings Park exit and led into the night. With the assistance of multiple agencies, Lakeside firefighters were able to extinguish the large vehicle fire including the areas surrounding vegetation. We are constantly working hand in hand with our neighboring agencies and resources to accomplish one goal. Agencies assisting Lakeside fire included Alpine Fire, Cal Fire, San Diego County Fire Authority, San Diego City HazMat and CHP.

Lakeside Fire Captain Chris Downing keeps watch as firefighters attack the flames.

Story and Photos by: Lakeside Fire Engineer Lance Buford

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cedar Fire Monument Construction Making Progress

Lakeside, Calif.-

If you have driven by Lakeside's River Park Fire Station (fs2), you may have noticed that the construction of the Cedar Fire Monument is progressing.  Completion is scheduled June 2015, and the dedication ceremony is tentatively scheduled for October 26, 2015.  The Lakeside Fire Protection District wishes to thank EC Constructors of Lakeside for their help in making this monument a permanent reminder of what our community endured during those horrific days in October, 2003.

To view what the finished site will look like, CLICK HERE.

The beginning layout.

Concrete forms are built for wall seating.

Footing for stone monument.

Setting of the center point stone monument.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lakeside Firefighters Extinguish Restaurant Fire

Lakeside, Calif. -

A fire in the kitchen of a local restaurant was extinguished by Lakeside firefighters on Tuesday, April 28, 2015. Heartland Communications dispatchers received a 911 call from an employee reporting the fire in the 10000 block of Maine Avenue. The fire dispatcher quickly processed the call and alerted firefighters in less than 30-seconds, getting a full commercial structure fire resource assignment enroute to this incident.

Lakeside Fire Chief Andy Parr (4101) arrived on scene in under six minutes reporting a working fire in the restaurant kitchen. Lakeside Engine 1 arrived simultaneously and was directed to establish a water supply from a nearby hydrant and stretch a hoseline to attack the fire. Subsequent fire companies arrived and supported the fire attack operation. The fire was quickly extinguished with limited extension to the rest of the occupancy. There were no injuries on this incident. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

This incident demonstrates the seamless nature of the 911 emergency response system we enjoy in east county. The Heartland Communications dispatchers answered the 911 call and, using their state-of-the-art Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, immediately processed the information while quickly alerting the closest available fire resources. Once alerted, firefighters rapidly got enroute to the incident. In this case, firefighters were on the scene of this fire in less than six minutes after the 911 call was answered by the dispatcher.

As always, Lakeside Fire would like to acknowledge our automatic-aid partners for their assistance on this fire. Agencies assisting on this incident included: E4 (Santee); T6 (Heartland Fire-Rescue); E7619 (San Miguel). Lakeside units included: E1, E3, M2, 4101, 4106. The CHP also assisted with traffic control.

Lakeside Engines 1 & 3 on scene.

Santee Engine 4 assisted. Note the supply line in the street.

Post and photos by: Captain Scott Culkin, Lakeside Fire District

Friday, April 17, 2015

Area Firefighters Conduct High Rise Fire Drill

Barona, Calif.

Firefighters from several San Diego County fire departments had a unique training opportunity over three days in April, 2015. They participated in a simulated fire in a high rise hotel occupancy at the Barona Resort and Casino. The comprehensive drill, put together by the Barona Fire Department, allowed firefighters the opportunity to practice the many different skills and operations required to mitigate this type of emergency incident. Skills practiced included incident command, fire attack, search and rescue, truck aerial operations, sprinkler system support, lobby control, staging area operations, ventilation. This drill also reinforced the strong regional interagency cooperation that San Diego County fire agencies are known for.

Fire agencies participating in the drill included: Barona, Lakeside, Ramona, Santee, Heartland Fire-Rescue, Sycuan, Viejas, Bonita, and San Miguel. The Lakeside Fire District Logistics Volunteers (LVG) provided incident support. Additionally, many staff members from the Barona Resort and Casino provided support and expertise.

We would like to acknowledge the Barona Resort and Casino for providing access to their facility for this unique and invaluable training opportunity.

Barona firefighters remove simulated "victim" via aerial ladder.

Firefighters attend incident briefing before the drill.
Lakeside LVGs providing incident support.

Firefighters discuss lessons learned at the A.A.R.

Post by: Captain Scott Culkin, Lakeside Fire District
Photos by: Jack Williams, Lakeside Logistics Volunteer

Lakeside Fire Fighters Help El Cap Swim & Dive Team

Lakeside, Calif.

Lakeside Fire Fighters recently made a $500 donation to help the El Capitan High School Swim and Dive Team in its fundraising effort to buy a scoreboard for their pool. A group of El Cap student athletes stopped by Lakeside's River Park Fire Station (fs2) on April 17, 2015, to receive the donation.

Lakeside Fire Fighters are active in the Lakeside community donating to worthy causes throughout the year. Good luck to the El Capitan Aquatics Boosters in this worthwhile fundraising effort.

Lakeside FF-PMs Brent Watte (l) and Marc Poynter present donation to El Cap Swim & Dive members.

Post and photo by: Captain Scott Culkin, Lakeside Fire District

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lakeside Firefighters Rescue Trapped Driver

Lakeside, Calif. - 

Lakeside firefighters extricated a driver trapped in his vehicle following a high-speed rollover collision in northern Lakeside on Saturday, April 11, 2015. The vehicle sustained major damage after it veered off of southbound Hwy 67 just north of Slaughterhouse Canyon Road, coming to rest on its side after knocking down a chain link fence. Firefighters stabilized the vehicle and used hydraulic extrication tools to open the vehicle's roof and gain access to the trapped driver. Lakeside firefighter-paramedics provided patient care throughout the incident and once extricated, immediately transported the driver to a local trauma center.

Lakeside firefighters are trained in advanced vehicle rescue and attend many of these types of incidents every year. These calls are generally very labor-intensive and require the response of several companies to safely mitigate. Units responding to this call included E2, E203, R3, M2, and Div. 4106. Other assisting agencies included the CHP and a local tow company who provided scene clean-up and vehicle removal.

Firefighters work to free trapped driver.

Rescue 42 stabilization struts in place and roof flapped down to access driver.
Rescue 3 with hydraulic tools deployed.

Post by: Captain Scott Culkin, Lakeside Fire District
Photos by: Captain Bernie Molloy, Lakeside Fire District

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Just before 10 pm on Friday April 10, Engine 2 from the  River Park fire station and Medic 3 from the Lake Jennings fire station were dispatched to a vehicle accident in the 9500 block of Los Coches Rd.  While units where in route, dispatch informed units that a gas line had been ruptured and the response was changed to a residential structure response.  Now there were a total of 4 engine companies, 1 truck company, 1 medic unit, and a chief from Lakeside and Santee.

When Engine 2 arrived on scene it was clear there was a gas leak from the sound of the loud hissing noise.  Engine 2 closed Los Coches to the north and Engine 3 closed the road to the south and all units put on full protective clothing and breathing apparatus then proceeded to evacuate the immediate area around the leak. After this was done SDG&E arrived and located a safe area to dig down into the street and safely clamp the gas line to stop the leak.

After the leak was secured, the utility company could come in and assess the damage to their equipment and began repairs.  It is unknown how long these repairs will take and the cause of the accident is under investigation by the CHP. 

Units assigned: Lakeside Engine 1, Engine 2, Engine 3, Medic 3, and Chief 4106.  Santee Engine 4 and Truck 4.

Photos From: Captain John Hisaw
Story By: Engineer Matt Buzzell