Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Local Fire Agency Designators

Lakeside, CA - 

It is a well known fact that the California fire service has developed a robust system for the sharing of resources during periods of statewide emergency. This "Mutual Aid" system, established in the 1970s to help combat our perennial wildfires, is perhaps the most advanced in the world. It has evolved into a complex system able to instantly mobilize a great number of fire resources (engines, crews, aircraft, dozers, management teams) and quickly move them to areas of the state with the need for help.

The cornerstone of California mutual aid is the Multi-Agency Coordination System or "MACS." Contained within MACS is a Resource Designation System part of which provides a three letter designator for each separate agency and mutual aid operational area.

The San Diego operational area's MACS designator is XSD. Local fire agency designators for the San Diego County Central and Metro Zones are as follows:

Alpine - ACP;
Barona - BBB;
Bonita-Sunnyside - BON;
Lakeside - LKS;
Heartland Fire-Rescue - HRT;
Santee - SNT;
Sycuan - SYC;
Viejas - VJS;

Chula Vista - CHV;
Coronado - CRD;
Federal - FFD;
Imperial Beach - IMB;
Miramar - MSM;
National City - NAT;
Poway - POW;
San Diego - SND.

 Post by: Captain Scott Culkin, Lakeside Fire District

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