Sunday, October 17, 2010

Water Main Break in Eucalyptus Hills

Eucalyptus Hills:  On the afternoon of Saturday October 16th, Lakeside Fire Station 2 in Eucalyptus Hills was dispatched to reports of a broken water main at the intersection of Valle Vista Road and Manzanita Road.  E2 found there to be a large volume of water coming out of the ground on the right shoulder of Manzanita Road when they arrived on scene.

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 The water turned Manzanita Road into a river for about 1/2 of an hour while the water was being shut off.  Water always seeks the path of least resistance, in this case that path was into the yard of a Lakeside resident and down Manzanita Road across Pinehurst Drive out into the drainages that find their way down to Lakeside Avenue and finally into the San Diego River.   The path is partially illustrated by the blue line on the map.

 The roadway showed the signs of damage quickly from the stream of water, as can be seen by the pictures.  It is an important point to emphasize to never drive your vehicle into running water.  Moving water can quickly wash away even paved roadways.

What looks like a road with some water running over it can have a very large carved out areas deep enough to incapacitate a vehicle.

The roadway was closed by county roads and the Water Main is being repaired by Lakeside Water district.

Pictures and Story submitted by: Firefighter / Paramedic Bernie Molloy

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