Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Head-On Vehicle Collision Closes Wildcat Canyon Road

Wildcat Canyon Rd-

On Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 at 8:12 AM, the Heartland Communications Center received emergency calls about a head-on collision on Wildcat Canyon Road just below Stelzer County Park. Two engine companies, one rescue company, an ALS medic unit, and the Lakeside duty chief responded to the incident.

Debris field left from the collision.
On the arrival of Chief Tockstein he reported that the vehicles had traffic totally shut-down, and that the two vehicles were separated by about 100 feet. With the arrival of engine companies and medic units it was quickly determined that one patient would need care at the Sharp Memorial Trauma Center, while the other patient could go to Grossmont Hospital.

The crew from Engine 1 and Medic 3 work on one of the occupants.
A BLS ambulance was requested while Medic 3 quickly loaded the patient that met trauma center criteria. AMR responded an ambulance which transported the other patient to Grossmont.

The force of the collision completely removed the wheel and suspension from the drivers side.
As a result of the accident Wildcat Canyon Road was closed for an extended period while crews conducted EMS operations, and the vehicles could be removed from the roadway. CHP is currently investigating the incident.

Without a doubt this is another "airbag save." Had these vehicles not been equipped with advanced airbag systems this would have been a fatality accident.

A total of 9 Lakeside personnel responded to the incident. Lakeside was assisted by Santee Fire.

Units Dispatched: LKS-E1, LKS-E3, LKS-M3, SNT-R5, LKS-4105, AMR-BLS

Submitted By: Fire Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire Protection District

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  1. That's so sad seems like there's a wreck on Wildcat Canyon every day .. Hopefully no one was seriously hurt... I really believe Barona Casino needs to have all this road way redone and Straightened out.. After all that's where most go on this road anyhow. Let the Casino pay to have it widened and redone...