Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lakeside Family Saddened by Death of EMT in San Diego

Lakeside Fire: Early this morning the information that an emergency worker had been struck and injured in San Diego started to trickle into the Lakeside fire stations. As more information became available it was apparent that we had lost one of our dedicated first-responders.

Estaban Behena was a 24 year old EMT employed by San Diego Medical Services. Today, while operating one of the many ambulances in the city they happened upon an accident on State Highway 163 near Balboa Park. While setting out flares he was struck by a vehicle that was involved in a chain-reaction accident. Crews feverishly worked to spare his life but at 8:32 AM, at Scripps Mercy Hospital, Estaban passed away.

Estaban Behena
The Lakeside Fire family is sadden by this event, and our thoughts are with our brothers and sisters at San Diego Medical Services, the San Diego Fire Department, and the Behena family.

Services Announced for Esteban Bahena

When:  April 9th, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Where: The Rock Church
              2277 Rosecrans St
              San Diego, CA 92106

Update: Fund Established in Name of Fallen EMT

The San Diego Medical Services family has been overwhelmed by the community’s outreach and response to the loss of EMT Esteban Bahena. We have set up a memorial fund in his honor if anyone wants to make a donation. Checks can be mailed or dropped off at:

Esteban Bahena Memorial Fund
San Diego Fire Fighters Credit Union
4926 La Cuenta Dr., San Diego, CA 92124
Acct. #: 1214D

Submitted: Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District


  1. Rest now my fallen brother
    Lay soft your suffering back
    Rest well and forever
    Your memory shall not lack
    Rest your tired hands
    Wipe clean your weary brow
    Rest with St. Florian
    Your spirit now endowed
    Rest here your breaking heart
    We know you gave your all
    Rest easy, you’ve done your part
    You’ve answered your last call
    Rest knowing that in god we sought
    Oh lord, watch over another who just fell
    Rest assured your troubled thought
    As we ring the final bell.


    On behalf of the -
    San Diego Firefighters’ Emerald Society

  2. Beautiful.