Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lakeside Participates in the County Wildland Preparedness Drill

Viejas: Lakeside units Brush 2 and Battalion 1 participated in the County Wildland Preparedness Drill today on the Viejas Reservation. Fire units from throughout the county took part in what has became an annual event as crews get ready for the approaching fire season.

Lakeside Battalion Chief Ron Laff demonstrates getting into a practice fire shelter. Wildland crews are required to carry shelters on all wildland fires, and must demonstrate proficiency once a year.
Rotating through several skill stations, crews reviewed such subjects as communications, fire line construction, emergency shelter deployments, and structure protection.

Chief Laff briefs the crew members of Task Force 6440T on the days events.
Organized and presented by the Training Officers Section of the San Diego Fire Chiefs' Association, the drills allow crews from different agencies to work together in real-time, simulated wildland situations - an invaluable experience for both new recruits and experienced veterans alike.

Heartland Task Force 6440T at Viejas

Firefighters demonstrate the difficulty of getting 
into a fire shelter in high wind conditions

The Drill continues on April 27th through to the 29th, and Lakeside will be there.

Story Submitted By: Captain James Kirkpatrick, Lakeside Fire District
Photos Submitted By: Firefighter-Paramedic Eric Stamm, Lakeside Fire District

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