Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lakeside Fire Responds to Possible Explosive Device

Winter Gardens: Lakeside E1 (Riverview Station) and Battalion 1 responded to a residence on Hillvale Lane, in Lakeside, on Saturday evening for a possible explosive device. Engine 1 arrived on scene along with SDSO deputies to find a military shell which appeared to be about two and a half feet long and possibly "live". The shell was found by an 11 year old boy who was digging in his yard just feet from his house. The boy and his family were evacuated from their home along with a neighboring family from their home. 

The military ordinance after it had been removed by SDSO Bomb-Arson. Yes, that's big..! 
The SDSO Bomb Arson unit responded and removed the shell from the scene. The exact size of the shell was still undetermined at the time of removal but possibly might be a 75mm or 3 in. round according to the responding Bomb Arson deputy. The residents had no idea how the shell got there or how long it may have been buried in their yard.

Story and Photo Submitted By: Engineer Carl Chiodo, Lakeside Fire District

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