Friday, April 9, 2010

Lakeside Units Join Memorial Service Procession for EMT Bahena

Lakeside Engine 26s and Medic 3 were among the hundreds of emergency service units and personnel taking part in today's memorial procession and service to honor fallen San Diego Medical Services EMT Esteban Bahena. Agencies from throughout San Diego County including ambulance, fire, law enforcement and all forms of emergency medical services took part to honor our EMS family member who was killed in the line of duty on April 1st.

 Emergency Units gather at Qualcomm stadium

The Procession began at Qualcomm stadium with BLS 22, the ambulance that Bahena worked on, in the lead with his father in the front seat. The route traveled over the same freeways that Esteban covered in his year and a half as an EMT with San Diego Medical Services. All emergency vehicles displayed full "Code 3" warning lights throughout the route which took them past the stretch of State Highway 163 where the tragic accident occurred. While passing that fateful spot near Washington street, sirens were sounded along with three blasts of the air horns in honor of Esteban.

The procession continued on to Point Loma and concluded at The Rock Church where the memorial service was held. The service was well attended by our extended EMS family and at the request of Esteban's family, it was a celebration of his life with many fond memories shared by his close friends and family. Ambulance unit BLS 22 was officially and forever retired from service at the end of the service. Ironically, Esteban's ambulance was used to transport him on its last trip to the hospital.

Memorial Service at "The Rock Church"

The San Diego Medical Services family has been overwhelmed by the community’s outreach and response to the loss of EMT Esteban Bahena.
They have set up a memorial fund in his honor if anyone wants to make a donation. Checks can be mailed or dropped off at:
San Diego Fire Fighters Credit Union
4926 La Cuenta Dr. San Diego, CA 92124
Acct #: 1214D.

Submitted: Captain Chuck Palmore, Lakeside Fire District 

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