Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lakeside Firefighters Log Some Rescue Training

Johnstown: Firefighters at Lakeside's Lake Jennings fire station got in some rescue training on Sunday morning, June 13, 2010. The rescue system they practiced rigging was a "ladder gin" utilizing a "pig-rig" haul system.
The ladder gin/pig-rig may be utilized to create a high-point for a vertical lift-type rescue. It is a very strong and versatile system when properly rigged and anchored.

This type of technical rescue training is typical of what Lakeside Firefighters frequently perform every year.

Station 3 C-shift laying-out the ladder gin

FF/PM Bernie Molloy rigging the "pig-rig."

Using Rescue 3 as the anchor, firefighters get the angle just right.

Safely in his Class III harness, FF/PM Jamie Hazlewood "loads" the system.

Story and Photos Submitted by: Captain Scott Culkin, Lakeside Fire District

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  1. Awesome, Lakeside's Unsung Heroes, keeping trained and up to date in the latest rescue techniques. Thanks for being there when Lakeside needs you!