Saturday, June 29, 2013

Multi-Agency Response to Fire in Santee

Santee, CA -

Firefighters spent the hot afternoon of Friday June 28, 2013, battling a blaze off of Prospect Avenue in Santee, just north of Gillespie Field. As resources were being released from the vegetation fire on Muth Valley Road, another fire was breaking out in Santee.

Heavy smoke showing on arrival.

Reports began coming in to Heartland Communication Center that there was both a vegetation fire and a structure fire taking place. Lakeside Fire Chief 4101 (Parr) arrived on scene and reported heavy smoke and fire visible with several vehicles and rubbish on fire behind a building. Santee Engine 4, Engine 5 and Lakeside Engine 3 arrived in short order and began attacking the fire from different access points.

Lakeside Engineer Shawn McKenna attacking the fire.

The fire was burning across several lots in the 10500 block of Prospect Avenue. There was vegetation, structures, cars, trash, cargo container's and other debris that burned. During the fire several propane tanks ruptured sending the sounds of explosions throughout the areas surrounding the fire. There were also compressed paint cans that exploded flying over 100 feet from the fire. This fact illustrates the reason the public should not try to get close to these events when they happen. To complicate the suppression efforts there were several fences that obstructed the firefighters ability to reach all of the debris that was on fire.

Lakeside Captain Bernie Molloy checking access.

The fire was suppressed after approximately 30 minutes. Firefighters remained on-scene for an extended period of time. The overhaul needs from this fire were extensive. All of the vegetation and debris had to be thoroughly covered in water to ensure there were no hidden embers that would later result in more fires.

Lakeside Fire Captain Ian Lowe confers with San Diego Engine 34's Captain.

The response included 14 engines, 2 trucks, 2 ALS medic units, 6 chief officers and the Lakeside Fire Logistical Volunteer Group. Of these units Lakeside Fire supplied 2 fire engines 1 brush engine, 1 ALS ambulance, 3 chief officers, and the LVG support personnel. Other agencies assisting Santee Fire were Lakeside Fire Protection District, Heartland Fire and Rescue, San Diego Fire and Rescue, and Viejas Fire. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Story By: Captain Bernie Molloy
Photos By: Captain Rick Dalldorf and Firefighter/Paramedic Steve Russo

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