Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vehicle Accident Creates Complex Problems


On Wednesday, February19, 2014, at 11:19 a.m. the Heartland Communications Center received a 911 call reference a car that had driven through a carport and was on a slope above other homes in the 13400 block of Highway 8 Business. The caller stated that the occupant was still in the vehicle in an extremely unstable location. A rescue response was initiated that sent one structural engine, one rescue company, an ALS medic unit, and two chief officers.

The vehicle sits perched on a retaining wall on the property below.

The victim is removed from the vehicle and evaluated by crews below.
On the arrival of Rescue 3, and Medic 3 (Lake Jennings Fire Station), firefighters located a vehicle about thirty feet down an embankment resting on a retaining wall below. The crew from Rescue 3 attached a winch cable to the vehicle to stabilize it while the crew from Engine 8 (Heartland Fire & Rescue) and Medic 3 accessed the victim and removed him from the vehicle.

The vehicles final resting spot. A fortunate deployment of the airbag probably helped in preventing serious injuries.
As plans were made to remove the vehicle it was quickly discovered that a gas main and possibly underground electrical could be compromised as the car was pulled up the hill. After discussing the issues with the property management, the decision was made that the Rescue 3 crew would cut the gas piping to prevent further damage. As the car crested the embankment it was suddenly evident that the carport was in the way and required partial dismantling. To execute this plan the rescue crew would have to construct shoring to transfer the weight of the roof. Crews constructed a spot shore that allowed the uprights to be removed.

Rescue 3 crew constructed shoring to prevent collapse of the carport.
A total of 6 Lakeside personnel responded to the incident. Lakeside was assisted by Heartland Fire & Rescue and the Barona Fire Department. Crews from SDG&E responded to assist fire crews in evaluating hazards. CHP is investigating the incident.

Story and Photos By: Fire Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District

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