Saturday, January 15, 2011

Engine 3 Crew Assists at Heartland 21st Fire Academy

El Cajon, CA -
The C-division engine crew from Lakeside's Lake Jennings Fire Station (fs3) spent a busy day helping train the firefighter recruits at the Heartland 21st Firefighter Academy on Saturday, January 15, 2011. The firefighter trainees, who are just finishing their first full-week of the 15-week academy, worked on basic hoselays. This important skill, which involves establishing a continuous water supply from a fire hydrant, is typically one of the first evolutions new recruits are taught.

Fire crews from several of the Central Zone fire agencies will assist the academy instructors with this training over the next few months.

A fire recruit charges the supply line as Engine 3 waits for water.

A recruit "wraps" the hydrant.

Lakeside Fire Engineer Chris Downing supervises reloading the hosebed on E3.

Story and photos by: Captain Scott Culkin, Lakeside Fire District

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