Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Captain Steve Streck Retires from the Lakeside Fire District

Fire Chief Andy Parr with Retired Fire Captain Steve Streck
" It is a bittersweet day for our Fire District. The Board wishes to present Steve Streck, Our longest serving Fire Officer, and District employee, with a token of appreciation for his service to the District.

Steve Streck started work with the District September 16th, 1970. Just 10 days later the Laguna Fire started in San Diego's back country (near Kitchen Creek). That fire, like the Cedar Fire, burned from the back country into the suburban hillsides and hamlets, consuming hundreds of homes in its path. The Laguna Fire burned 186,000 acres. That fire was more than 40 years ago.

When you think of it, 40 years on the job means that Steve was hired here only 7 years after the District formed in 1963.

Steve, your presence with the District has been long and valued"

Fire Chief Andy Parr

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