Saturday, November 20, 2010

Storm Keeps Lakeside Fire Crews Busy

Lakeside: As the first wave of a pacific storm passed through the Lakeside area, fire crews suddenly found themselves busy with a number of accidents. Crews handled accidents along the Interstate 8 and Highway 67 corridors. Fortunately there were no serious injuries associated with these incidents.

As the first pulse of rain hit the area in the early evening, crews responded to incidents at Interstate 8 and Lake Jennings Park Rd, then later at Interstate 8 on the Olde Highway 80 over crossing. Crews assessed the occupants and determined they were non-injury.

A vehicle rests on its side on the Lake Jennings Park Rd on-ramp to westbound Interstate 8. Fortunately the occupant was restrained and suffered no injuries.
As evening came, the accidents shifted to the top of the grade on Highway 67. Initially, a vehicle rolled-over blocking the southbound lanes. A secondary accident occurred as drivers rounded the blind corner and struck vehicles that had come to a stop. Arriving Lakeside Fire crews established traffic control while personnel from Engine 2 (Eucalyptus Hills Station) and Medic 1 (Riverview Station) treated the injured.

Submitted By: Fire Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District

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