Friday, November 19, 2010

Lakeside Firefighters Run for Charity

On November 19, 2010,  firefighters from Lakeside's  Blossom Valley (FS26) and Riverview fire stations (FS1) participated in Riverview Elementary's annual Jog-a-thon. Schools utilize this type of event to raise awareness about the importance of physical fitness, fundraise for classrooms and to offer the children opportunities to compete for prizes. Lakeside Firefighters look forward to participating in these type of events that provide us an opportunity to interact with the public in such a positive way.  In today's case, they also got some exercise in, completing a 9-mile run during the 90-minute Jog-a-thon consisting of three separate groups of children.

From left to right: Engineer/Paramedic Ian Lowe, Captain Jerry Daoust,
and Firefighter Nathan Fox.

Ready... Set... GO!!!

Story By: Firefighter / Paramedic Bernie Molloy, Lakeside Fire District
Information and Photos By: Captain Jerry Daoust, Lakeside Fire District

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