Friday, December 20, 2013

Smoke from the River Park

 Lakeside, CA -

The Lakeside Rive Park Conservancy has a permit to burn from the Air Pollution Control District which is issued by the Lakeside Fire Protection District. The issued permit is for fire hazard reduction.  This particular permit is for one or two large burn piles that are surrounded at least 100 feet of clearance.  Residents may see or smell smoke from over a mile away.  These fires are permitted, under the restrictions of the APCD and fire district.

Smoke rises from the San Diego River Bottom
River Park Conservancy personnel must stand by at these burns with hand tools and a water supply.  They must be attended during the entire permissive burn period. (8:15am until 3pm). CALFIRE firefighters may also be in attendance at these burns (under a contract between the Conservancy and CALFIRE) to add an additional level of safety on some days.

We appreciate the community’s interest in this program and for your good-intentioned reports of fires in the Lakeside River Park.

If you are interested in a permit to burn for your property, please contact the Lakeside Fire Protection District office at 619.390.2350 for information; or you can visit your local fire station (during normal business hours), and request a permit from the firefighters on duty.

Fire Chief Andy Parr, Lakeside Fire Protection District

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