Sunday, December 8, 2013


 Lakeside, CA -

The winter storm that passed through San Diego County on Saturday, December 7, 2013, brought with it wet weather and hazardous conditions on our roadways.  Firefighters from the Lakeside Fire Protection District and surrounding agencies spent several hours dealing with multiple traffic accidents on the Highway 67 grade just north of Slaughterhouse Canyon Road throughout the day and into the evening.  At one point, there were four accidents at the same time and all were within a half mile of the top of the grade requiring multiple units for each scene.

This is a reminder how dangerous the highways can be in rainy conditions and the importance of slowing down.  This isn't only for driver's safety but also for the safety of the CHP and first responders working on the roadway to mitigate these incidents.

Pictures and Story by: Engineer Matt Buzzell

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