Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blog reaches 10,000 ‘hits’, Another Lakeside FPD Milestone to be Celebrated!!

The Lakeside community should be congratulated for taking advantage of a relatively new (and free) Lakeside Fire Protection District resource, our Blog.  This week we hit the 10,000 mark of folks checking in with their Fire District to find out what’s going on and to receive updates and interesting information about the District and its Firefighters.  As of this week over 10,000 of you have read current articles highlighting our training, investigated some of our emergency activities and received updates on our personnel and District projects and initiatives. A select group of Firefighters (Bloggers) work very hard to post items to the Blog as soon as possible after the event occurs to keep citizens and friends of the District informed about what’s going on.   We try to provide info on all subjects from community education to mutual aid requests for our firefighters outside of the District.  We also work just as hard to protect our citizens’ privacy, follow all laws and District policy on Internet use as well as cooperate with our allied Firefighting counterparts and our friends in law enforcement.  With this post I want to say Great Job!!!! to my crew of firefighters who produce the articles, and to our citizens who loyally follow us on the blog, our website, on Twitter and on Facebook.   Thanks for your continuing interest and
I encourage you to become involved with your Fire District through a CERT Class or perhaps as a District logistical volunteer (program starting soon)..  Also please come to our Open House on September 25th at our Fire Station 3 facility at 14008 Highway 8 Business...watch our Blog for more info on this fantastic event.  As your Fire Chief I sincerely appreciate everyone’s support of this exciting and informative project.  Thank You for Your Continued Support!!  

Andy Parr, Fire Chief

Our Bloggers are always looking for constructive feedback on their project so please send me an email and tell me what you think of our blog; I’ll pass along your comments to the Bloggers so we can make our Blog even better!1 Thanks in advance for your comments!!  Andy (aparr@lakesidefire.com)

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