Thursday, August 5, 2010

Drew Auto Group Hosts Vehicle Extrication Training

La Mesa: Two years ago, the staff at Drew Ford-Hyundai-Volkswagen (La Mesa) recognized the need to expose first-responders to the quickly advancing technology used to make new cars some of the safest vehicles ever produced. With this safety came advancements in construction and metallurgy that required a "re-think" on how occupants could be effectively extricated from these automobiles.

Toby Chess reviews new construction and safety innovations in todays vehicles.
One could say that the modern engineering of these vehicles is based on keeping people from being trapped and injured during impacts. With energy absorbing zones and load transference elements, crews needed to know how to get into one of these engineering marvels without unnecessary delay.

Looking for other sponsors of this event, Drew Auto Group soon found sponsorship from State Farm Insurance and Dupont. With the ball now rolling, additional sponsors jumped on-board to make this a "state of the art" event (see the complete list below).

Steven Carpenter instructs a firefighter on door removal.
Instructors Toby Chess and Steven Carpenter were brought in to teach the event. As experts in their fields, they packed the four-hour event with discussions about construction techniques, airbags and safety systems, hybrid vehicles, and new extrication techniques. The last two hours of the class allowed the attendees to actually use some of these techniques on vehicles.

Lakeside Firefighter-Paramedic Chris Williams using cutters to remove a roof.
Firefighters deal with an "under-ride" collision.
Firefighters complete a dash-roll (note the position of the steering wheel). This evolution becomes necessary if the victim is trapped by the dash, or the legs are trapped below the dash area.
Firefighters from throughout San Diego County attended the training. These classes are especially valued as cars are increasingly hard to find to practice these operations.

You have better trained firefighters due to these fine sponsors.......thank you!

Drew Auto Group (Ford-Hyundai-Volkswagen)
State Farm Insurance
Auto Club of Southern California
Allstate Insurance
Kent Automotive
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
West Auto Wreckers
California Autobody Association
FS3-Holmatro Rescue Tools

Toby Chess
Steven Carpenter

Submitted By: Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District

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