Tuesday, August 10, 2010


VIAL of LIFE is a program that the Lakeside Fire Protection District provides to its citizens to help them keep track of there medical information and to assist emergency personnel if they are ever called to your home. The Vial of Life is designed to speak for you when you can't speak for yourself and provide information to emergency personnel that can allow them to treat you quickly and appropriately.  This was originally designed for the elderly and disabled, but is a great tool for anyone. 

The Vial of Life is a small plastic case with a magnet on the back allowing it to be placed on your refrigerator.  Inside the vial you will find and a slip of paper explaining the importance of having this available to paramedics and a brief description of what will take place if the fire department is ever called to your home for a medical emergency.  Along with this slip of paper you will find a sticker and information on where to place the sticker.  Last you will find the patient information card.

Here is were all of your personal and medical information is written down for paramedics.  If you are ever unconscious, this is where we will look for your name, birth date, insurance, and medical information.  All of this information is not only needed for the paramedics to care for you, but it is also necessary information for the hospital.  The hospital will need this information to enter you into there system to allow family members to locate you if you were by yourself.

You can see that this can be a very useful tool, but it needs to be kept up to date. It is very important that every time you receive a new medication, new doctor, or new insurance that this card needs to be up dated.  Citizens can pick up a Vial of Life at our administrative office located at 12365 Parkside st. in downtown Lakeside.  

By: Firefighter/Paramedic Matthew Buzzell

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