Saturday, May 15, 2010

Vehicle Roll-Over Starts Chain Reaction on I-8

Flinn Springs: On Saturday, May 15th, 2010 at 10:16 PM, units from the Alpine, Viejas, CalFIRE, and Lakeside Fire Agencies were dispatched to a "Rescue Vehicle Accident" on Interstate 8 near Tavern Rd. The alarm sent 3 engine companies, one rescue company, an ALS ambulance, and Battalion Chief to the area. While units were still enroute to the original location an updated location was received from CHP as Interstate 8 just east of Lake Jennings Park Rd. In addition a report was received that there were multiple accidents in both directions of the freeway, and possibly some victims were trapped.

Lakeside personnel evaluate two occupants of a vehicle roll-over on Interstate 8. Both occupants had minor injuries because of proper use of shoulder-lap restraints.
Rescue 3 (Lake Jennings Station) came upon the scene as the new location was being given. On arrival there were two incidents, both involving rolled over vehicles in the east and westbound lanes just east of the old map stop. After a initial assessment it was determined that there were only two injuries in the westbound lanes.

The two occupants of a sedan had self extricated from there vehicle with minor injuries. The occupants reported having their seatbelt restraints in use at the time of the accident. Because they were properly restrained the injuries were very minor.

CHP is currently investigating the accident. Traffic was affected in both directions.

Submitted By: Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District 

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