Friday, May 14, 2010

Hose test day at Fire Station #3

NFPA 1962 mandates that all fire hose be tested annually.  This is an event at Lakeside Fire Department that all stations participate in.  Each station has its own cache of hose to replace damaged, warn, or dirty hose on the engines as needed.  The hose is divided up by size among the three shifts at each station.  Each length of hose has a number to be recorded as pass or fail.

The test requires each length of hose to be pressurized to 250 PSI for 5 min.  Each length of hose is 50 feet and each station has over 3000 feet of hose so this takes time to complete.  Crews are required to do this between running calls, special assignments, and daily operations.

Photos Submitted by: Rick Dalldorf
Submitted by: Matt Buzzell

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  1. I thought it 400 psi for 10 minutes?