Friday, March 12, 2010

Head-On Collison on Highway 67 sends Two to the Trauma Center

Foster: On Friday, March 12th at 1:56 PM, the Lakeside Fire District dispatched two engine companies, a rescue company, two ALS ambulances, and a Battalion Chief to a "rescue vehicle accident" on Highway 67 between Vigilante Rd and Scripps-Poway Parkway. In addition Interim Fire Chief Andy Parr responded due to his vicinity of the reported accident.

Cutting operations begin to remove a severely injured occupant

Crews continue to cut into the vehicle to better access the occupant.


On the arrival of Chief Parr he reported a total of three injured parties with the potential for extrication. Battalion One (Battalion Chief Laff)  arrived and assumed Highway 67 IC. On the arrival of Engine Company 1 (Riverview Station) they quickly triaged the incident and determined that two patients had major injuries and required immediate transport to a trauma center.

Lakeside and El Cajon Firefighters load a critically injured victim into Medic 9 for transport to the trauma center.

While Lakeside Firefighters stabilize one of the critically injured, Firefighter-Paramedic Bryan Peters updates Sharp Trauma Center on the status of the patients.

Crews initiated advanced life support and packaged the patients for transport. On the arrival on Medic 9 (El Cajon Fire Department) one of the critical patients, and an injured one year old juvenile, were loaded for transport to Sharp Trauma and Children's Hospital. Both patients had significant injuries.

The other gravely injured patient required extrication from the vehicle. Rescue Company 3 (Lake Jennings Station) set-up their hydraulic tools and removed the driver side door of the vehicle. He was subsequently removed and treated for a number of open fractures and critical traumatic injuries. Medic 3 transported the patient to Sharp Memorial Trauma Center.

Thirteen Lakeside Firefighters responded to the incident, assisted by two personnel from the El Cajon Fire Department.

CHP is currently investigating the accident.

Submitted By: 
Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District

Photos By:
Interim Fire Chief Andy Parr
Captain Mark Grow

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