Friday, February 19, 2010

Show and Tell

One of the many duties firefighters from the Lakeside Fire Protection District fulfill on a daily basis is community outreach and education. In an effort to enhance fire prevention in the community the Lakeside Firefighters do many show and tells with local schools, teaching children about fire safety in the home. Today the show and tell was at Winter Gardens Elementary School. The children were taught age appropriate actions to take in several fire and medical related situations. Our school outreach programs are taught with children in mind, letting them discover the sight and sounds of the fire department so they will be less frightened if they ever have to interact with firefighters. Fires and medical emergencies can be very frightening, especially to children, it is with this thought in mind that our firefighters teach children they can trust us when they are exposed to these and other traumatic situations. Today's classes were taught by E2 and M3. The school show and tell programs are taught by engine companies and medic units that are on shift the day of the event so a unique experience is always delivered.

If you have children in a school within the Lakeside Fire Protection District, ask your school to request a show and tell from the Fire Department. Contact the department through our website at to set up an appointment. Unfortunately for the children, we do not have any Dalmatians that we get to bring along.

Submitted by: Firefighter/Paramedic Bernie Molloy

Captain Gonzalez, Firefighter McKenna, and Firefighter-Paramedic Peters demonstrate the gear used in structural firefighting. It's important to expose kids to the noises firefighters make when searching a building as some kids become scared and will not call out for help.
From Winter Gardens Elementary Show and Tell 2/19/10

Firefighter-Paramedic Bryan Peters shows kids the gear used in fighting fires.
From Winter Gardens Elementary Show and Tell 2/19/10

Firefighter-Paramedic Bernie Molloy shows the kids around the engine.
From Winter Gardens Elementary Show and Tell 2/19/10

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