Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sidewalk CPR Day in Lakeside

“Sidewalk CPR” training was given today at two locations in Lakeside. The training, in recognition of National CPR Awareness Week, is an effort by the county, American Heart Association, American Red Cross, San Diego Project Heart Beat and other agencies throughout the county.
"Hands-Only" instruction being given by Firefighter/Paramedic Jon Jordan at Albertsons
The goal today was to train “2,012 in 2012” county wide in the “Hands-Only” method.  This method involves only chest compressions and does not include the mouth-to-mouth breathing that was part of all CPR training until several years ago. The American Heart Association and others endorse the compression-only method for the public to use to revive victims of sudden cardiac arrest.
Firefighter/Paramedic Eric Stamm gives instruction at Vons
Engine 26s crew from the Blossom Valley Station staffed a booth at the Vons store on Camino Canada. Engine 1 crew from the Riverview Station staffed a booth at the Albertsons store on Winter Gardens Blvd. Together  they were able to train 59 citizens in the new lifesaving skill.
Pictured left to right; FF Todd Welch, LVG Conrad Cox, LVG Dick Bailey, FF/Paramedic Jon Jordan, Captain Chuck Palmore and Marcy Metz RN
Chief of San Diego County Emergency Medical Services, Marcy Metz RN, stopped by the Albertsons location to personally thank the CPR instructors. By the end of the day, county wide totals were calculated.  Ruth Duke, Quality Assurance Specialist at San Diego County Emergency Medical Services, reported; “As you know our goal was to train 2,012 in 2012, well we surpassed that goal by a thousand!  Our total number is 3,022.” 

Lakeside Fire Board Member Susan Conniry receives training at the Albertsons site
Thanks to the citizens, Lakeside firefighters and support from the Logistics Volunteer Group the local event was a great success.

To learn more about Hands-Only and other CPR information, visit The American Heart Association website.

Submitted by: Chuck Palmore, Lakeside Fire Captain
Photos by: Dick Bailey, Lakeside LVG and Dennis Canfield, Lakeside LVG

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