Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Smoke Detector Alerts Occupant to Potentially Disastrous Fire

Glenview: On Wednesday, May 11, 2011, at 6:45p.m., the Lakeside Fire District received a phone call from a resident requesting assistance with an extinguished fire in his home. Engine 3 from the Lake Jennings station responded to the call in the area of the 8400 block of South Happy Way.

On the arrival of the fire department, firefighters soon uncovered a story that is both a testimony to having a working smoke detector in the home and the dangers of unattended cigarettes.

The fire on this ottoman caused paint blistering and charring to nearby objects. It doesn't take much
The occupant stated that he had been in the garage area smoking when he elected to cook dinner. In the process a cigarette was left unattended in the garage area. While cooking dinner a hallway smoke detector activated. Believing that the alarm was a result of his cooking they attempted to reset the alarm. But while attempting to silence the alarm they realized that there was a fire in their garage area.

Upon exiting the dwelling, the occupants discovered a significant fire on an ottoman and carpeted floor. The homeowner was able to extinguish the fire with the use of a garden hose (not recommended by your fire agency). In the investigation, it was discovered that significant heat was present in the garage and that this fire could have easily consumed the home.

A disaster was averted because this occupant had a properly functioning smoke detector in the home. Had that detector not been there, this fire certainly would have become significantly bigger (possibly destroying the home).

The fact remains that smoking in the home is a significant source of fires. Every year 1,000 people die from fires started by smoking material.

If you smoke, or live in a home with a smoker, check this website for information (LINK).

Submitted By: Fire Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District

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  1. Thanks for sharing this!! So very important to have working smoke detectors in the home and also to have a "save" to report!