Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rain Brings Back-to-Back Vehicle Rescues

Highway 67 Corridor: Heartland firefighters were busy on the morning of May 17, 2011, with two "over the side" rescues due to the rain.

The first rescue call was received around 9:30 a.m.  Multiple fire units from Lakeside, Santee, and Poway were dispatched to westbound Scripps Poway Parkway, one mile West of Highway 67.  Upon arrival, Lakeside Engine 1 found a single SUV over-the-side about 25 yards down the hill. It appeared the vehicle had rolled one time and had come to rest downslope in the brush. Fortunately, witnesses were able to direct firefighters to the victim as the car could not be seen from the roadway.

Santee Fire Battalion 2 established command. Santee Rescue 5 (Carlton Hills Station) was assigned Rescue Group along with Lakeside Engine 26s (Blossom Valley Station). Engine 1 (Riverview station) was assigned Medical Group.  Engine 1 was assisted by Lakeside M3 (Lake Jennings station) and Poway Engine 3713.  They found one patient in the vehicle with minor injuries. The patient received prompt trauma care and was hauled-up the hill with a rope system set up by the Rescue Group.  The patient was transported to Sharp Memorial due to her age and mechanism of injury.

Lakeside, Santee and Poway firefighters establish an anchor point to haul the victim up to the roadway.
The crew from Lakeside Engine 1, and Lakeside Medic 3, carry the victim uphill on a rope system.

 Just as units had finished cleaning up their equipment, Heartland Dispatch informed Engine 1 of a report of another vehicle over the side on Highway 67 near the top of the Slaughterhouse Grade.  All units were dispatched again along with Santee Medic 4.  Upon arrival, Santee Battalion 2 found a single SUV that had gone over the side from the northbound lanes of Highway 67.  As before Medical Group and Rescue Group was assigned.

Lakeside and Santee fire crews work to extricate the occupant of the vehicle. Later a rope system was used to raise her back up to Highway 67 for transport to the hospital.
This time Engine 26s was assigned Extrication Group due to the vehicles doors would not open.  A small portable hydraulic spreader was used to pop open the driver's side door.  The patient was assessed by Medical Group and found to have minor injuries.  The patient received immediate trauma care and was hauled to the top of the hill on a rope system.  The patient was transported to Sharp Memorial Hospital for evaluation.

Submitted By: Fire Captain Wes Barnes, Lakeside Fire District
Photos By: Fire Captain Wes Barnes and Fire Engineer Ian Lowe, Lakeside Fire

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