Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wildcat Canyon Traffic Accident

Muth Valley - Lakeside firefighters from the Riverview and Lake Jennings stations with the assistance of the Barona Fire Department (station 27) were called to respond to Wildcat Canyon for a traffic collision.  Units arrived on scene to find 2 vehicles had collided on a very narrow section of Wildcat Canyon Rd.  Fortunately, there were no fatal injuries.  The road was closed, however, as the accident was handled  resulting in traffic being brought to a grinding halt for a short period of time.
The narrow section of the road was occupied with several emergency apparatus

These accidents prove to be very dangerous for firefighters and first responders. Closing the road is a necessary step when there is not shoulder or area to divert the traffic.  On the accident scene, firefighters must extricate victims from vehicles, provide medical care, and move these patients to ambulances for transport.  All of these actions would be greatly complicated if cars were driving through the accident scene.  Whenever you see firefighters on the side of the road, please remember they are putting themselves in harm's way to help somebody who has found his or herself in need.  Slow down, stop if necessary, and please be very careful as you pass the scene.  The next time you feel frustrated in a traffic jam caused by an accident think about the fact that someday it could be you or one of your loved ones on the side of the road. We will be there to help them too.

Lakeside and Barona fire crews move a patient to an awaiting ambulance.

Story submitted by: Firefighter / Paramedic Bernie Molloy


  1. You guys are the best and you have been for the last 46 years.

  2. thanks for the post... without firefighters our life will become hell....