Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Baby Delivery for Station 3 Crews

Glenview - For the second time in less than two weeks Lakeside Firefighters from Lakeside's Fire Station 3 (fs3) were called to help deliver a baby.  These new Lakeside residents are proving eager to see the sun, arriving before their due dates and before their moms were able to get to the hospital.  This baby was a health little boy who showed up around noon on September 5th.  Both mom and baby are doing well and were transported to a local hospital.

We wish mom and baby all the luck, and hopefully a little sleep.

Front row parking for our new resident

All hands on deck for a safe transfer
Story by : Firefighter/Paramedic Bernie Molloy,  Lakeside Fire District

Photos : Captain Rick Dalldorf, Lakeside Fire District

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