Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lakeside Firefighters Rescue Injured ParaGlider Pilot

Blossom Valley - Lakeside Fire crews were dispatched to assist an injured paraglider pilot in the Blossom Valley area of the fire district on Sunday, July 18, 2010. The assigned resources included one unit from the Blossom Valley fire station (Engine 26s) and two units from the Lake Jennings fire station (Rescue 3 & Medic 3) under the command of Lakeside Battalion Chief Brent Larkin (B1).

Crews used a four-wheel drive pickup to make access to the injured pilot who was on the hillside overlooking the El Monte valley. Due to the nature of his injuries and the inaccessible location, Quail IC (B1) opted for a helicopter evacuation of the patient.

Firefighters assess and package injured pilot on the hillside.

County Copter 10
(CalFire and SDSO) was requested from Gillespie Field to assist with the medical evac. Lakeside firefighter/paramedics performed a full assessment and packaged the patient for his brief helicopter ride. The Copter 10 crew performed a hoist rescue and delivered the patient to Lakeside Medic 3 at the landing zone at Blossom Valley Elementary School. The patient was ground transported to Sharp Memorial Hospital for evaluation and treatment. Lakeside Fire Chief Andy Parr (4101) assisted at the landing zone.

Paramedic intern James MacMaster attends injured pilot while
Engineer/Paramedic Rich Smith supervises (note paraglider in background).

This type of call is a reminder of how valuable the County Helicopter program is to local fire agencies. Many thanks to the crew of Copter 10 for their assistance.

Copter 10 approaching the scene

Story by: Captain Scott Culkin, Lakeside Fire District
Photos and video by: Firefighter/Paramedic Bernie Molly

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