Friday, August 28, 2015

Lakeside Firefighters Perform Home Pool Safety Inspection

Lakeside, CA - 

Firefighters from Lakeside's River Park Fire Station (fs2) helped a local resident with a pool safety inspection on Friday, August 28, 2015. The district's pool safety program is a resource to help residents with creating a safe environment in and around backyard pools and to decrease the incidence of drowning-related calls within the fire district.

According to district pool safety program coordinator, Firefighter-Paramedic Brian Moore, pool safety is as easy as A,B,C,D:

A - Adult Supervision should always be present when kids are in or near the pool. During parties or
      gatherings, a designated "Water Watcher" should always be present;

B - Barriers such as fencing and self latching, child-proof gates should be in place;

C - CPR trained persons should be present and a cell phone or landline should be immediately
      accessible for emergencies;

D - Devices to help someone in trouble should be available like life rings or hooks. Use of approved
      flotation devices;

Additional safety information includes:

- Removing and storing all pool toys after use;
- Providing steps or ladders at each end of the pool;
- Keeping the water level at least 3 inches below the pool deck to provide a hand hold;
- Store pool chemicals away from the pool area;
- Keep chairs and ladders away from the pool area fencing;
- Provide for an unobstructed view of the pool from windows.

Lakeside Firefighters welcome the opportunity to provide this important service to our residents. If you would like a home pool safety inspection, contact us at 619-390-2350.

For more information on pool safety, visit the district website here:

Firefighter-Paramedic Brian Moore checks the water level. Note the toy in the pool.
An example of an approved flotation device for a child.

Post and photos by:  Captain Scott Culkin, Lakeside Fire District

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