Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lakeside Fire Sends out Relief Crew to Strike Team 6440C

Lakeside, CA -

Late last week, personnel from Brush 1 (Station 1), part of the Strike Team 6440C, were relieved by Captain M. Buzzell (Station 1), Engineer R. Smith (Station 3), and Firefighter/Paramedic Patrick Sellers (Station 3).  The first crew spent two weeks on the fire line at the Willow, Rocky and the Route Complex fires.

The Route Complex is at 31,487 acres and 33% contained.  The Mad River Complex was added to the Route Complex on Tuesday, August 17 and is 24,836 acres and 65% contained. A Type 1 incident management team from the Northern Rockies will be assuming command of the Mad River Complex. Officials have announced an estimated containment date of Monday, August 31st.

Strike Team begins two hour drive from base camp to the fire

Brush 1 (Lakeside Fire) and Brush 8 (Heartland Fire/El Cajon)

The Strike Team on nightly patrol

Wind carried embers quickly ignite dry tree tops

Post by M. Brown, LVG
Photos by Captain M. Buzzell, Lakeside Fire

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