Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lakeside Engine 1 Puts New Pumper in Service

Lakeside, CA - 

The Lakeside Fire District has placed a new apparatus in service at Engine Company 1. The new custom Smeal Triple Combination Pumper began service at the district's Riverview Fire Station on March 18, 2015.

This fire engine is the third custom Smeal pumper that Lakeside has put into service since July, 2012, as part of the district's planned apparatus replacement program. It will replace a KME engine that will be placed in reserve status.

Manufactured in Snyder, Nebraska, the pumper is built on a Spartan custom chassis and features a 1500 gallon per minute single-stage fire pump and a 500 gallon water tank. The short wheelbase and excellent ground clearance make it highly suitable for the varied geography of the fire district.

New Smeal pumper at Lakeside fire station 1 on Riverview Ave.

Post and photo by: Captain Scott Culkin, Lakeside Fire District

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