Sunday, February 8, 2015

Rollover Traffic Collision Sends Driver To Trauma Center in Helicopter


On Saturday February 7, 2015 Lakeside Firefighters were called to Lake Jennings Park Rd. and Interstate 8 for reports of a rollover traffic collision.  Lakeside Rescue 3 was first on scene and found that a pickup truck had rolled over and the driver had been ejected from the vehicle.  Rescue 3 crews quickly began treating the critically injured patient and determined that it would be in the best interest of the patient to be flown via Mercy Air to a trauma center.
Mercy Air Taking off of the Trauma Center with the Patient on Board
Alpine Engine 17 went to ensure there was a safe landing zone for Mercy Air 6 and Lakeside Engine 26 assisted Rescue 3 on scene with patient care.  When Santee Medic 5 arrived at the scene the patient was quickly loaded and transported to the landing zone to rendezvous with Mercy Air 6.
Crews Work on the Critically Injured Patient
Engine 17 found an appropriate landing zone in the parking lot at Lake Jennings Park.  Without specific helipads in the district it is necessary that we use large open safe places to land rescue helicopters.  There are many suitable areas, but if a single car is parked in the wrong place it can completely exclude a pre-designated landing zone.  Fortunately, on this particular Saturday, there was plenty of room at the closest possible landing zone.

Mercy Air on the Ground

The patient was transferred to the helicopter and flown to a local trauma center.  California Highway Patrol was on scene and is investigating the cause of the accident.

Story and Photos by Acting Division Chief Bernie Molloy

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