Sunday, November 9, 2014

Passing of Retired Lakeside Fire Engineer Michael Stovall

The Lakeside Fire family has recently lost a member of their extended family. Retired Fire Engineer Michael Stovall has passed at the age of 71 from a sudden illness.

Mike served a long and fulfilling career with the Lakeside Fire Protection District. In his time with the District Mike saw enormous growth during his tenure with the agency. From a small two station agency, Mike saw the addition of two more stations, the introduction of paramedics, and the hiring of a number of employees that still carry-on with skills that were passed on by Mike.

Mike retired from the Lakeside Fire District in 2000. Mike was also a long time Lakeside resident.

Mike leaves behind his wife Patsy, and many other members of his family.

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  1. I remember the great times Mike, Cody and my Dad had over the many years. I remember the weekends at Mission Bay. I am sure Mike and my Dad are living it up and watching from above.