Friday, May 23, 2014

Firefighters Rescue Man Injured in Flood Channel


Early on the morning on May 23, 2014 Lakeside Engine 1 and Medic 2 were called for reports of a person that had fallen into the flood channel under Hwy 67.

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Engine 1 arrived, and with the assistance of the SDSO, were able to locate the patient. The patient was a male that was injured in the bottom of the flood channel that runs under Hwy 67.  The patient had fallen approximately 20 + feet to the concrete bottom of the flood channel.

The patient fell onto the concrete from the edged of the channel.
To access the patient crews had to place a ladder into the channel and descend it.  Once the patient was accessed it was clear that he would need to be placed in spinal precautions because of his injuries.  The spinal precautions combined with the high vertical walls of the channel meant the patient would have to be hoisted out of the flood channel in a stokes basket on a backboard.   Engine 1 requested that Rescue 3 respond to the scene to bring the necessary equipment to move the patient.

R3 crews work to set up a mechanical lifting system
The lifting system requires a long section of rope and a great deal of specialized hardware

Rescue 3 arrived at the scene and assisted the crews on scene with setting up a ladder-slide and a rope lifting system that would provide a mechanical advantage to pull the patient out of the flood channel.  Once the patient was lifted out of the channel he was transported to the hospital by M2.

Once the patient was up he was moved to a gurney for transport to the medic unit 

This call was an example of one of the technical rescue situations Lakeside firefighters are capable of carrying out.  It is a low-frequency high-risk situation that requires regular training and review to stay proficient with these skills.  This rescue was carried out without any issues and the patient was successfully removed from the channel and transported to the hospital.

R3 and E1 crews put the rescue equipment back onto Rescue 3 after the call

Photos and story by Captain Bernie Molloy

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