Friday, November 15, 2013

Lakeside Fire Looks to Amateur Radio for Increased Community Preparedness


The Lakeside Fire Protection District is currently developing a plan to harness the power of the amateur radio community into a tool that will provide for better disaster preparedness. The Fire District is working with their Communications Volunteer Group to create a weekly radio net that will be conducted on one of the local VHF repeaters.

The hope is that local amateur radio operators can provide vital information to the Fire District in times of disaster. The cornerstone of this effort is to create a relationship with the amateur radio community through a weekly net.

The Lakeside Fire Protection District maintains a amateur radio base station near their Emergency Operations Center at the River Park Fire Station on Lakeside Ave. The base station is considered an important tool as vital information can be obtained for dissemination by emergency planners.

The Lakeside Fire District is hopeful that the net will go live sometime in January 2014. More information will be made available as details are worked out. All interested amateur radio operators are welcome to participate.

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