Monday, July 22, 2013

Sheriff Helicopter Locates Structure Fire in Lakeside

Lemon Crest Area-

Lakeside Fire crews were alerted to a fully involved structure fire by a San Diego County Sheriff helicopter on routine patrol in the area. The ASTREA helicopter noticed a large glow emanating from the Lakeside area. Upon investigating they came across a larger structure in the 12300 block of Lemon Crest Dr that was fully involved. The Heartland Communications Center dispatched four structural engines, one truck company, an ALS medic unit, and two staff officers to the 1:03 AM fire.

Flames leap from the last intact cornier of the home.
Firefighter-Paramedics from Medic 2 put a large caliber hose stream on the fire.
Crews from Lake Jennings, to the Santee area, could now see the fire as they left their stations. The fire was burning through a large residential structure of all wood construction. This home sits high atop a knoll above the Lemon Crest Elementary School, and has been a visible fixture in the community of Lakeside for some time.

A firefighter sits on another large hose stream at the rear of the building.
Crews attack the fire with the "high volume" deck gun on Engine 1. It would take many additional line to bring the fire under control. 
Upon the arrival of Engine 1 (Riverview Station) they came across a locked gate and difficult access to the building. With the arrival of Engine 2 (River Park Station) and Engine 3 (Lake Jennings Station) a hose lay was made, with some pumper being used to boost the pressure. Command of the fire was assumed by Division Chief Ron Laff upon his arrival.

A firefighter starts the process of overhauling the fire.
Crews were quickly aided by firefighters from Santee with the arrival of Engine 4 and Truck 4 (Santee-Cottonwood Station). Multiple lines were deployed including a "deck gun" capable of delivering 1000 gallons of water per minute. Even with this huge delivery of water on the fire it was resistive to being "knocked-down." Crews continued to deploy lines

Eventually the fire was brought under control after an extensive "fire attack." But crews were now faced with extensive overhaul around a very unstable structure. Crews continued to look for hotspots buried deep under the mounds of roofing materials. The decision was made to have heavy equipment respond at daylight and knock down the remaining unstable walls.

A back-hoe operator digs out hot spots while firefighters continue to overhaul.
With sunrise a thick layer of smoke hung over the Lakeside area from the all night fire. Overhaul operations continued till 4:00 PM the following day.

Currently the San Diego Sheriff Bomb-Arson team is investigating the fire. Lakeside was assisted by the Santee Fire Department and Heartland Fire & Rescue. A total 12 Lakeside personnel responded to the fire, assisted by 7 personnel from the Santee Fire Deaprtment.

The Logistical Volunteer Group provided incident support throughout the night, and following day. This group of dedicated volunteers opened a rehab area, and transported equipment needed at the fire scene.

Dispatched Units: LKS-E1, LKS-E2, LKS-E3, SNT-E4, SNT-T4, LKS-M2, HRT-B3, LKS-4103, LKS-4101, LKS-E26, LKS-4140

Submitted By: Fire Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire Protection District
Photos By: Fire Captain Mark Grow, Fire Captain Chuck Palmore, Lakeside Fire District, and Fire Engineer Robert Williams

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