Monday, July 2, 2012

Neighbor Saves Home from Fire

Rios Canyon-

When the owner of a home in Rios Canyon pulled away from his residence little did he know a fire was brewing in the kitchen area. As neighbors came out to enjoy the evening they suddenly noticed smoke coming from the residence. While some ran into their homes to call 911, one of the neighbors notified Pedro Hernandez that his neighbors house was on fire.

The Lakeside Fire Protection District received a call about the fire at 5:05 PM. Five structural engines, a truck company, ALS medic unit, and two duty chiefs were sent to the fire in the 14200 block of Rios Canyon Rd.
Firefighter Nathan Fox checks the ceiling space for fire extension.
As engines were racing to the fire, Pedro Hernandez had arrived at his neighbors home. He could see a rapidly spreading fire in the kitchen area, so without hesitation he located a fire hose cabinet and pulled the charged hose line towards the burning structure. Opening a rear door Mr. Hernandez was able to extinguish fire. Fearing the fire could re-ignite he quickly located the electrical, and gas service, and secured them.

Arriving companies found the home charged with heavy smoke. Fans were used to clear the structure of smoke, and the crew checked for extension of the fire into the walls and ceiling.

Without a doubt, had Mr. Hernandez not responded to the home this would have been a total loss fire.

Units from Heartland Fire-Rescue, San Miguel Fire District, Barona Fire District also responded to the call. 

Submitted By: Fire Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District

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