Monday, April 23, 2012

Lakeside Firefighters Participate in 47th Annual Lakeside Western Days Parade


Lakeside Firefighters on Saturday 4/21/2012, along with Lakeside Logistical Volunteer Group and Lakeside CERT members participated in the 47th annual Lakeside Western Days Parade.  The parade is put on by the Lakeside Chamber of Commerce each year to coincide with the Lakeside Rodeo which had it's 48th running this year.   The overall theme of the parade was "Lakeside; A Community Building Leaders."  The parade gave many organizations and groups in San Diego's East county the opportunity to highlight their cause.  The Chamber of commerce was awarding 7 trophies this year with categories ranging from a Community Trophy to the Grand Marshal award for the entry that had the best portrayal of Western Days.
E2 Leading the Parade with some bull horns for good measure
The fire department in Lakeside looks forward to the opportunity to participate in incidents such as the Western Days Parade.  These gatherings provide us the opportunity to show the citizens we serve some of the services we offer them.  This year the department entered the parade with the theme "A salute to our community volunteers".   Included this year in our parade entry was Engine 2 and Medic 2 from the new River Park Fire Station as well as our CERT  trailer and the support vehicle used by our LVG (Logistical Volunteer Group).

Medic 2 just behind E2
After the primary response vehicles came the support vehicles, which were operated by members of our Logistical Volunteer Group.  First up was the CERT trailer, which houses the equipment community members of the CERT team would use to aid the department  in the event of a large scale emergency.

Lakeside Utility 3 towing the CERT Trailer
Following the CERT Trailer was Support 4140, the vehicle used by Lakeside's Logistical Volunteer group.  The LVG are part of the Logistics Section of Lakeside fire and perform functions that support operations personnel (firefighters) with supply chain management, transportation of equipment and personnel, and many other logistics functions such as incident support.

Support 4140, the LVG Vehicle
Lakeside Fire thanks our volunteers who truly make our job easier.  If you would like to find out information on our volunteer programs please refer to the corresponding website for the volunteer program you are interested in.

Story By: Captain Bernie Molloy, Lakeside Fire Protection District

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