Thursday, March 1, 2012

Morning Rollover on Hwy 67

Lakeside, CA -

On the morning of March 1, 2012, Lakeside Firefighters were dispatched to a rescue traffic collision on southbound Hwy 67 just north of Slaughter House Canyon Road with reports of a trapped victim.  When Engine 2 and M2, from the Riverpark fire station, arrived on scene they found the driver had extricated himself out of the vehicle and only had minor injuries.  This incident was located on a high- speed blind corner; because of this hazard, Lakeside Engine 1 from the Riverview fire station was used up the road to help control the southbound traffic that was traveling rapidly through the accident scene.  In precarious locations such as this, preventing another traffic accident from happening in the same location while firefighters are working is of paramount importance to protect the first responders as well as the patients they are working on.

The vehicle after it was moved to its wheels by the tow truck.
As can be seen in the photos, this accident occurred on the same curve on Hwy 67 as that the accident the day before  in the north bound lanes.  This corner is extremely slick in wet weather conditions so we caution drivers to exercise extreme caution when traveling this section of Hwy 67 on rainy days.  The driver of the vehicle was not transported to a hospital, the cause of the accident is under investigation by CHP.

Damage to the front of the vehicle
Story and photos by: Captain / Paramedic Bernie Molloy

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