Saturday, April 30, 2011

Community Chipping Day in Eucalyptus Hills

Eucalyptus Hills:  Residents of Lakeside and Eucalyptus Hills were able to dispose of dead and dying vegetation through a free "Chipping Day" hosted by the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County.
Crews from the Urban Corps of San Diego County worked hard to unload brush and vegetation and run them through the chipping machines
The event, funded by the San Diego Regional Disaster Fund, allowed citizens to improve their defensible space and reduce their fire threat by chipping brush and vegetation into mulch. The mulch was then made available for use as water-conserving ground cover. This marks the third time the event has been held in Lakeside and was staffed by volunteers from the Eucalyptus Hills Fire Safe Council.  It is importnat to note that today's event logged 67 truck loads of vegetation - a record for any Resource Conservation District chipping day.  Well done Lakeside residents!
Lakeside Firefighters from the Eucalyptus Hills Fire Station (fs2) assist with directing traffic at the free Community Chipping Day.
On-site chipping service is also available for residents to assist in fuel reduction. This program is currently funded through the end of July. For more information, contact the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County at 619-749-4232 or go to

The Lakeside Fire Protection District would like to remind residents that the single best thing they can do to protect their homes from wildfire is to create a 100 foot defensible space area. Spring is a great time to clear excess vegetation and create defensible space, before the weather gets too hot and dry.

Story and Photos submitted by Captain Jim Kirkpatrick

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